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  1. Snickklefrittz

    Asking price for 1996 FZJ80 with engine knock

    Well, title says it all. I'm looking to sell my 80. It has a pretty serious lower end knock, and every resource I've read says that it will be needing a full engine rebuild. Where should I start with the price? I wish I could part it out, But I don't have the garage space or the time to tear it...
  2. 4Cruisers

    Help - Loud Engine Knock '84 FJ60

    When I was back at my place in Nevada in mid-December, I started up my stock '84 FJ60 (~182,000 miles) to let it run for a while, as I usually do while I'm out there. It's been sitting (off and on) for almost nine years. Just before I parked it nine years ago I installed new plugs and wires...
  3. Rice

    Rice's 1FZ-FE rebuild Thread

    Not really anything new here that you can't find in the 80's tech section. Just some documentation of the journey to get rid of the tick-tick-tick in my current motor and, once the new engine is in, my "2 Week" endeavor into adding some boost via turbo. I will edit in pictures as time allows...
  4. FJacob

    96' FZJ80 Engine Knock

    Recently over the past month and half my 96' started very quiet knock that grabbed my attention this past week as it got noticeably louder. I've been learning my way around vehicles as I work on this thing so my knowledge is limited. The engine is believed to have 130,000 miles, so still pretty...
  5. pjt087

    Low speed knocking, worse with a full tank of gas

    I just bought a '95 4x4 pickup V6 edition, drove it down from Riverside, CA to San Diego no problem. The following days I experienced some pretty serious "chug" or knocking- especially in low gear. Have not been able to pass CA Smog- labelled as a "Gross Polluter". Replaced an after market cool...
  6. J

    Knocking Sound Top End or Low End?

    My '96 cruiser with 287,000 has a knock bad enough to throw a code for a knock sensor. The knock is rhythmic and increases on acceleration. In trying to determine if it's a bearing or something in the top end, I listened to the engine using a stethescope and a long screwdriver. My assumption is...
  7. Snickklefrittz

    Funky Engine noise in my 1FZ-FE. Help?

    I thought the culprit was leaky flange gaskets. After getting those replaced, the sound is still there. Any ideas? It's in a 1996 LC80 with 184k miles. > Thanks!
  8. Geosfj60

    1985 fj60 engine hard knocking - help

    '85 Land Cruiser fj60 2F engine Parked for 8 years This Cruiser was given to me from a friend who couldn't let it go, but his wife was done with it parked in the drive for the past 8 years. I have done some minor work on it, changed the fluids, dropped and attempted to clean the rusted fuel...
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