1. Goforth

    SOLD  1968 FJ40 Austin Texas "Viejo" is: Sold

    1968 FJ40 for sale affectionally named "Viejo", asking $14000. True Mileage is unknown due to age. It could have 137k, 237k. Known history of truck - PO acquired it from Colorado (maybe grand junction area). It was registered in Oklahoma and I found it in Fort Worth. Not interested in...
  2. scoobiedubes

    SOLD  Early Hupp box heater in AZ

    Bought this as a possible heater for the 28 build but won’t be using it. $60 plus shipping from Phoenix AZ. untested, good restoration candidate. This was a dealer installed option in some early cruisers. See link here for some background on these.
  3. sunrk

    What if anything actually changed re caster between pre-8/92 and 8/92-up 80 series?

    When the big design change happened from 7/92 to 8/92, and the factory caster setting was apparently changed from about +1.9 to +3.0 degrees, what exactly was changed specific to the caster setting? Were the radius arms themselves changed? Was the design of the front axle housing changed so that...
  4. scoobiedubes

    Wanted  Early light switch

    looking for one of these early light switches for my LV. Entire switch assembly would be great but at least trying to find the knob. Thanks
  5. aviafx

    craigslist  Early style ARB 60 front bumper - San Francisco, California

    Not affiliated, looks like the early style with the double horizontal bar. ARB bumper Fits FJ 60 Land Cruiser ONLY @Javelin were you looking for one?
  6. Spike Strip

    Another Early Tail Light Question - 1968 FJ40

    New to me, April/May 1968 FJ40, according to the VIN FJ4057032 Trying to sort through a few things as I'm not at all familiar with very early 40s. Are these the correct tail lights/brackets? Also, were there reflectors next to the lens, on the bumpers? Web pix are all over the place.
  7. D

    Wanted  Early UZJ100 liftgate (navy blue)

    looking for a rust free 98-2000 liftgate in navy blue. include shipping to Buffalo NY 14222
  8. mmcinnis

    Wanted  Early fj40 bumper

    Looking for early bumper, patina, dings dents, some rust no problem.
  9. nuclearlemon

    Early 2nd gen grill and tailgate to late model

    Anyone know if it can be done? Ih8 the ford look so wondering if 07-13 stuff fits 14 and up
  10. mmcinnis

    Wanted  Driver seat early 60, 61

    Need drivers seat frame. Early 60, 61, 62. Thanks Mike
  11. Dudleyfj40

    For Sale  Early Wiper Assembly

    Left over from build. Non working. This has wires off the brushes and motor bolts missing. Rubber spacers included. $80 shipped CONUS
  12. roma042987

    need some parts HELP for an early axle

    Im doing a regear on an early fj40 axle (1975 build date) and the axle has a wilwood disc brake conversion. Since the front end is apart I replaced the knuckle bearings and the inner axle seals. Went to replace the wheel bearings but cant seem to get the correct bearing for the inner hub. The...
  13. 65swb45

    For Sale  Early steering wheel and horn button

    Wheel is from a '71. Button is from a '64. Chrome on horn button is really nice. Center is clear but slightly weatherchecked. $230 for the pair. Will not separate. @Birdhead has right of first refusal because I promised it last week. I'm just tardy in posting. No PMs please.
  14. 65swb45

    For Sale  Early 70s FJ40 Passenger door, So Cal

    Original lily white inside and out. No respray, no hidden issues. No rust. Several small scrapes. One small dent below the lower door hinge. No stress cracks at the vent window. Door limiter attachment still in place. Basically, California mint. $450 plus the ride from Burbank. No PMs please...
  15. R

    Wanted  Late 90's, Early 00's LC, 470, 450

    Looking for the above with minimal to no rust and decent mileage. (170k and below) Having a tough time finding anything decent in this category in my home state of NC and surrounding area. Just sold my 85 FJ60 and looking for a more comfortable ride! :)
  16. Tank5

    Early Axle Housing Strength

    I have a centered rear axle housing from a 1963 FJ40 that I want to use to build a full float axle. I started a build thread in the hard core section if you want to know more. I am posting in this section because I have one question that I thought could be better answered here. Question is...
  17. 65FJ45

    For Sale  early 60s and early 70s FJ40 gas tanks

    early tank is super clean $150 other tank has surface rust but seams appear in tact $80 fj45 skid plate $80 rusty parts bins $50 local PU prefered cashiers check by mail for product if you want it shipped i drop to the shipper you pay shipper by CC for actual shipping and packaging...
  18. Tank5

    Full Float build using early centered fj40 housing

    I thought this might be the best place for this but if not let me know. In the back of my mind I have been planning on building a full float rear axle for my 2001 tacoma. This would be the first time I have tried to build an axle like this, so I am hoping to get some advice from those that...
  19. 63cruiser

    Wanted  FJ40 Early doors and taillight brackets

    Looking for early hard or fst doors in lily white. Need to be in good shape. May consider other colors if hard doors. Also looking for early tail light brackets.
  20. arcteryx

    For Sale  Early 40 Intake/Exhaust Manifold Combo

    I have one of these. part # 17141-60010. Pics and details are here 40 Series, Intake/Exhaust Manifold, 17141-60010
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