early fj40

  1. MexicanNewby

    My Mexican 1965 FJ40V Build Thread

    This is a thread more than two years late but it has to start somewhere. Quick background: I have VERY little knowledge about cars and had never even considered a restoration project, let alone an FJ40. The first time I ever saw an FJ40 was in Phoenix while looking to buy an FJ80 for road trips...
  2. Goforth

    SOLD  1968 FJ40 Austin Texas "Viejo" is: Sold

    1968 FJ40 for sale affectionally named "Viejo", asking $14000. True Mileage is unknown due to age. It could have 137k, 237k. Known history of truck - PO acquired it from Colorado (maybe grand junction area). It was registered in Oklahoma and I found it in Fort Worth. Not interested in...
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