1. 2001LC

    Anyone recognize this gasket, found in e-brake drum area of rotor??

    I found this inside rear rotor e-brake drum area. What is it from/for???? Seem thick for the area, if axle pulled!
  2. brhydock

    Parking/E-brake issues

    Hi, new FJ-60 owner and ultra newbie diy mechanic. Having some issues with my e-brake, basically when I pull the lever, nothing happens. Tried to do some research online for this issue but have so far been unsuccessful and I need this thing to pass inspection. Has anyone had this issue before...
  3. scrapdaddy

    E-Brake Question

    I need some help. Just bought a Diamond FF axle that uses 4runner e-brakes and I'm clueless. It's for a 2007 4.0 V6 model. Could someone direct me to a thread or picture of how the e-brake cables are hooked up and run. The axle will be installed on my 55 which had a 60 axle on it and I have the...
  4. orangefj45

    E-Brake unobtanium!!!!!

    Thanks to a stroke of luck and some help from a long time cruiser buddy, these showed up at my shop a couple of weeks ago. :-) Georg @ Valley Hybrids & Cruiser Brothers
  5. gheverly


    So, my e-brake light is turning on randomly. At first I thought it was just the electrical circuit issue causing the light to indicate that the e-brake was still engaged although it was not. But some research how now shown me that the e-brake light indicates the e-brake being engaged, brake...
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