1. houstonfj40

    Wanted 2F dual vac US spec dizzy

    Looking for a 2F US spec dual vac advance dizzy for my FJ60. Thanks in advance. Marc
  2. J

    FJ 60 distributor and carb upgrade

    HEllo, Pretty new here. Have an 84 fj 60 that was desmogged by po. Has a holley carb. Nice little rig. 300k on it but pretty clean. Anyway, am looking at some possible upgrades for performance/ fuel economy. Not a mudder. Just a daily driver. Any thoughts as to brands , models etc would be...
  3. thatcabledude

    SOLD (FL) 1fz-fe distributor

    In good condition, removed from great running 94 FZJ80. Pulled motor for swap. Great replacement or spare. $35 plus shipping from Florida (32433) Thanks Non leaking O-ring Interior
  4. J

    74 FJ40 MAF HEI wiring question

    Hello, I have a 74 FJ40 with an F155, desmogged, that I installed a MAF "lightning strike" HEI (mechanical advance) in place of the OEM vacuum retard dizzy. This is what I've done, I have no doubt you will find I've not done it correctly, if I had I wouldn't be asking for help getting it right...
  5. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Distributor and ECU for 1FZE FJ80 1993-1997

    SoCal Please message me your Cruiser's year so I can provide the correct ECU and Distributor. $75 for Distributor $110 - $150 for ECU depending on the year. These are factory from USA cars with Automatic Transmissions. No ECU or Distributors for 3FE
  6. TroutFJ

    HEI dizzy install issue!

    Hey folks. So, I have everything else done, new tranny, desmog, headers, exhaust, Weber carb, and everything. The last thing is to get this dizzy installed and I can start her up! The problem is I've spent all day and last night trying to get the damn thing to seat to no avail. I've done...
  7. 65swb45

    For Sale Rare OE early dizzy boot, CA

    Like it's FJ60 big brother, but designed for the 78-80 small-cap electronic dizzies. Only seen a couple of these guys out there. Dirty, but has no tears and all snaps work. Stored indoors for the last 25 years. $115 shipped . No PMs please.
  8. Judger

    Timing/AC DELCO Dizzy Help

    Good Morning (barely), I recently installed a THC and am trying to get everything running a bit better on the 73 F engine. That said, I have never timed an engine before. The 73 came with an AC DELCO dizzy, I believe it's an HEI I believe. When I unlatched the top, it can't twist as it is keyed...
  9. 65swb45

    For Sale 77-87 Distributors (CA)

    Tidying up the electrical section of the shop today I had to move this batch of distributors. So I figured I'd snap a pic and try to move a few down the road. $300 each. I can easily check advancer diaphragms, but I will need a primer on testing the signal generators if you want those tested...
  10. P

    Signal Generator fj62 dizzy???

    Anyone ever replaced one with any success....and if so where did you find the parts?? Kinda hard to believe they made the entire dizzy unrepairable....somewhere someone has to have them if they are making aftermarkets , one would think anyway......
  11. J

    For Sale FJ40 Distributor

    Distributor from my 1977 FJ40. Was functioning fine when removed. $20 + shipping
  12. Tighe

    For Sale New Trollhole dizzy, with OEM collar. Venice, Los Angeles

    Hi all, Bought a dizzy from TH back in May of this year, but decided not to use it. Never used, never installed, never opened, still in box. I was going to use this on my 60 so I bought the OEM collar/clamp which will be included. Also unused. Tried to return it but never got a response, so...
  13. Custer

    Wanted 81-87 Dizzy

    My 85 vacuum advance on my dizzy went TU, looking for a good complete dizzy I can send to Jim C. to recurve.
  14. parkamatt

    1FZFE Dizzy Alignment

    Hi Guys, just wondering if the rotor on the distributor should be at TDC when the two alignment marks on the end are aligned..
  15. tglaser

    Wanted Electronic Dizzy, Igniter & Coil Setup

    Looking for electronic distributor, coil and igniter setup for my 1F 1969 FJ40. Had a set from a '78 2F installed - worn out and need another. Want to keep it Toyota, so please contact me if you have one in good working condition from a '78 or newer 2F engine. Either PM here or text at...
  16. CTrain224

    Acceleration and Deceleration Issues

    Hey there, new to the fj40 club. Just bought a 71 fj40 FULLY STOCK over a month ago. Heres the condition of it when i got it: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet Well, this was it after a few modifications.. First, the front rear and back left drums and the master cylinder were...
  17. FJ40 Jon

    Vacuum advance diaphragm leaking, new dizzy? 2/77 - Stock

    My vacuum advance is leaking and just to replace just the diaphragm will cost ~$100 from SOR (if they have it in stock) plus shipping. I know SOR, CCOT, Trollhole, Marks Offroad all have replacement dizzy options. I am also considering trying to find a FJ60 Dizzy set up, but know I will need...
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