diff locker

  1. GMSilk_Fj60

    FJ100 Rear diff locker wires burned up

    I have searched and scoured the FSM before posting. I feel like I should have found the answer by now since others have experienced the same issue. All i can find are FJ80 routing paths and pictures of the burned up wires. Anyway... I just recently purchased a new to me FJ100. Upon inspection...
  2. will pierce

    rear diff locker will not engage

    Hi this is my first post on mud and also my first 'problem' with my land cruiser. Its a 1998 100 series and when I go to engage the rear locker the red indicator on the dash just blinks repeatedly never engaging. Have read through the owners manuals many times and no help. When the center diff...
  3. K

    Bought a totaled '97 with front and rear lockers, have many questions.

    I just bought a totaled '97 special edition for parts. I basically just needed the front end, but I noticed it is a factory lockers car. How would I go about swapping the lockers over to my '96 Lx450? Are there any other parts that would be worth swapping over? If nothing else, how much do...
  4. Clymetyme

    Front diff locker will not disengage

    I have just replaced the gears in my front diff. I also pulled my rear pumpkin off and checked those gears. I reassembled both front and rear and the rear is fine but the frond diff locker shows as locked while the switch is on the off position. I pulled the truck forward and reversed it as...
  5. ariff

    Rear diff locker relay operation help

    So it appears I have a issue with the rear diff locker in my 93. I have been reading all the threads and I am prepared to disassemble and dig into the rear actuator, but before I do I want to check all the easy stuff first. Last night I checked all connections and wires everything looks good and...
  6. Classic85

    Interior Lighting

    OK, it all started with two bulbs needing replaced now I got the bug and started following this it's like crack. My question is; Does the E-locker switch, aka magic button, have a bulb in it? And, does the power mirror switch have a bulb in it?
  7. gee314

    Front ARB locker/stock rear locker: 80 series switch

    I have a 99 LC with a stock rear diff. I have an ARB in the front, and would like to wire it into the 80 series diff lock switch. 1) Has anyone done this? 2) If not, I am having trouble finding a wiring diagram for the stock 100 series diff lock switch, which will be useful for figuring this out.
  8. Ali M

    Can 100 w/o locker do this?

    Saw this video on youtube and really impressed with this 100 set up but not enough info on the rig by the owner. May be someone here on Mud :) and can share with us his set up besides the obvious front/rear bumpers :)
  9. Ali M

    99 LX470 US version

    U.S. 99 LX470 comes with center diff lock standard, Is it doable to install Aussie locker on rear and front? or would you recommend going with another brand?
  10. R

    FJ80R Sahara Lockers in GXL??

    Hello everyone. I am looking at putting a set of sahara lockers in my standard gxl but am clueless to know if my gxl has the wiring for the sahara lockers ready to go? Has anyone done this swap before? If so do you have any advice? Cheers, Reece.
  11. Hendrix834

    Differential Lock Shift Fork

    I've been battling my factory lockers for about as long as I've owned my 80 series and I've finally diagnosed the issue, but I need a little help from this point. All of the lockers function properly except for the rear diff lock. Just recently I learned that everything about the actuator is...
  12. txlonghorn

    For Sale 80 series rear E locker differential - SOLD

    SOLD! Pulled off of a locked 1993 Land Cruiser. Complete rear locking differential including 3rd member, actuator and cover, and wiring from actuator to rear cargo area (NOT COMPLETE HARNESS FROM FRONT). Gearing is presumably stock 4.10 and ring and pinion looks good. Actuator is working when...
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