diesel engine

  1. A

    For Sale  1985 LJ-70 Diesel For sale in FL $17,500

    Selling my 1985 LJ 70. She's in great shape and runs like a champ. Asking $17,500. Located in the Florida Panhandle.
  2. B

    For Sale  82 BJ42 LHD - NorCal

    Up for sale is a 1982 BJ42 with 370k km (229k miles). This has a 3B diesel with the typical factory 4 speed and has a 24v electrical system. This rig has been garage kept since I bought it. It is my weekend warrior, drive it at least two days a week and the drive train is very reliable. I...
  3. Akella

    For Sale  1HD-T JDM take off for sale 134,450 miles

    1HD-T engine with 216,377 km (134,450 miles) on it. It comes from 11/1990 HDJ81 Engine is in extremely good condition, very clean. It has been test run before taking out and it starts easily and runs smoothly. Videos of engine running will be uploaded later. Has brand new OEM timing belts, idler...
  4. Akella

    For Sale  1HD-FT Diesel Engine in Ontario, Canada

    For sale is 1HD-FT with 188300 km (117004 miles) It comes from HDJ81 Engine starts easily, runs smoothly. Videos will be uploaded later Timing belt was changed at 187035 km Standard 24V starter comes with it, however, can be upgraded to cold climate 12V starter for extra 150USD Standard 80A...
  5. Akella

    For Sale  1HD-T Engine and H151 Transmission in London, ON

    For sale is 1HD-T with 165483 km (102826.369 miles) It comes from 06/1992 HDJ81 Engine starts easily, runs smoothly. Videos are bellow. Standard 24V starter comes with it, however, can be upgraded to cold climate 12V starter for extra $150 USD Standard 80A alternator comes with it, however...
  6. Ghostrider I

    Clarification and a few questions.

    I have an HDJ 80 with the 4.2 I6 turbodiesel 1HDT with a five speed. It is my understanding that this engine uses both batteries for start then reverts back to one for the rest of the electrical, correct? Here are my questions.... How does the second battery remained charged, is the...
  7. M

    What is the name of this part?

    Could anyone tell me the name of the part in red circle? From my understanding, it's some kind of fuel filter or something related to fuel. This part is from of a 1999 LC with diesel engine. Thank you
  8. SoCal FZJ80

    How to install a FJ62 Radiator into a HJ61 with the 12H-T Diesel Engine

    I have been running a FJ62 Radiator in my HJ61 for the last 6 months with great results. What was going to be a temporary install solution to keep driving the Cruiser until I could source a new OEM radiator has turned into a viable option for a permanent solution. My HJ61 temperature gauge never...
  9. dingoFJ55

    where to get parts for H diesel engine

    A friend is working on his FJ45 engine and needs a cam and oil pump for an H diesel engine, does anyone know where to find these parts. Thanks in advance.
  10. supraturbo

    1977 FJ45 engine/transmission swap

    Hi guys, i recently purchase this fj45 1977 and i hate those 2f gas engine. I am looking to find out if anyone on here as already swapped some diesel toyota engine into one of these and whats involved with all electricals and if there is any "adapter kit" existing out there to facilitate such a...
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