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  1. HDJake81

    For Sale 1991 HDJ-81 VX United States Arkansas

    Any die hard Cruiser enthusiasts hunting for a pristine 1991 HDJ-81 RIGHT HAND DRIVE VX with the stout 1 HDT Toyota turbo diesel? Hunt no more! Why go through the hassle and swap a 4BT in your Cruiser when you can have a Toyota 1HDT? 27,000 USD 94500 miles 5 speed, triple locked, 3 inch OME...
  2. mmacpherson

    For Sale Removed

    post removed. listed for sale on BaT
  3. mmacpherson

    For Sale What's an excellent condition HDJ81 RHD with 81,000 miles worth?

    Looking for some guidance on what a low mileage, RHD HDJ81 in excellent condition might be worth these days. Looks like there are quite a few 81's out there. Any input would be appreciated.
  4. 100 series

    For Sale 1990 HDJ81 With Gturbo Upgrade and Overland Build-SOLD!

    I'm selling my beloved 1990 HDJ81 JDM 80 series Land Cruiser with 1HD-T turbo diesel engine, imported professionally from Land Cruiser Direct in 2015. This truck has been my baby for almost 3 years, but we have decided to move up to a small camper and need a little more towing power. She is well...
  5. H

    For Sale AZ: 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ81 113k miles

    Selling my RHD diesel 80 which was my daily driver for a few years, but I've been using it less and less. Not a perfect show truck by any means, but still gets the thumbs up! Original Japan import to Canada, currently registered in Alberta and located in Arizona, includes USDOT, Customs and EPA...
  6. Jan Danielsen

    4.2 TD max 2600 rpm?

    Hi. I just buy a HDJ80 with a 1hd-ft engine. Very nice car. It have 557k on the clock. There is one big issue... It will not go over 2600 rpm. I have been testing the wastegat it moves fine and the car pull very fine from the bottom and open to 2600 rpm with a little smoke. With the clutch down...
  7. S

    Need help replacing water pump and timing belt on '92 HDJ81

    Hey y'all, my water pump recently started leaking after I did a coolant flush. I ordered the parts to replace the water pump, timing belt, alternator belts and turbo water hose. Anything else that people would recommend that I replace while doing this job? Also, can anyone point me to a nice...
  8. Surf n Turf

    Seem to have alot of play in front diff ? Troubleshooting

    Hey all, so thing's i must mention is that when i got from Reverse to Drive and on and off the gas there is quite a noticeable clunk noise, had a play with the front driveshaft and it appears as though there is a fair bit of play within the front diff. Have a video i can hopefully upload of the...
  9. Classic85

    HDJ81 - Start Issues

    Is anyone aware of an overheating re-start prevention on the 4.2L 1-HDT? This is what is happening semi regularly; Started in the spring, never happened over the winter. I take a longer drive say 30-50 minutes usually highway sometimes not. Pushing her hard but nothing she can't deal with...
  10. clanlino

    Wanted HDJ81, HDJ80 1HDT Injection pump rebuild kit

    Hello gents, Looking for parts to rebuild the injection pump on my 1990 HDJ80. Any help sourcing said parts will be greatly appreciated! Carlos
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