SOLD Vancouver BC: 1991 HDJ81 VX Limited - Diesel, built, well maintained. (1 Viewer)

Apr 1, 2013
Vancouver, BC
United States
Diesel, Factory triple locked, winch, ARB Bumper, Sliders, Air, and roof rack. The truck is in perfect working order, ready for any adventure. But life's priorities change and I'm sad to put it up for sale.

Decided not to sell it right now - daughter had too much fun driving it.
PM me if you want to convince me otherwise :)

322,xxx km
200,xxx miles

Original domestic purchased for $20k through Outback Imports in Feb 2007 w/150,000km
Fully baselined at ATEB at that time (including BEB)
$17k in parts alone spent since then (listed below)

I purchased it in 2014 and maintained it regularly since.
No accidents. No rust. No smoking.
Drives great super quick off the line (relatively speaking), sounds great, looks great, always a conversation starter.
Its a BC truck and we dont use much road salt here (partly because it never snows in Vancouver).
Cared for by the crew at Coastal Auto Centre #coastalautocentre (If Lambo and McLaren owners take their cars there, I feel like its a decent shop).

  • Legendary Toyota 1HD-T inline 6 cylinder diesel. Approximately 15-17 mpg. Limitless torque :)
  • Gturbo 1st Generation Grunter Turbo (makes 20psi @ 1500rpm)
  • Safari Snorkel
  • Modified fuel pin +tuned to match turbo with safe EGTs
  • Walbro 12V pusher pump, primes fast at filter change, no hand-pumping
  • Custom 4" Plenum
  • Water-air intercooler system (tested at 69% effective)
  • Water-methanol injection system
  • 3.5" ceramic coated turbo dump pipe
  • 3" mandrel bent exhaust with straight-through muffler from ATEB
  • Wholesale Automatics Extreme Valve Body installed at ATEB
  • Large Transmission Fluid Cooler
  • Upgraded alternator to 130a
  • Lower rad hose heater, battery blankets
  • Dual Optima Yellow Top batteries, 1 replaced a year ago, 1 new as of Oct 2019
  • BEB done upon import in 2007
  • Timing Belt done @300,000km
  • ACSD removed

  • Factory Triple electric lockers - Work great!
  • Dobinsons long travel Monotube Remote Reservoir shocks (MR59-60685 and MR59-60684) - New in Mar 2019
  • Dobinsons tapered springs about 3.5" of lift (C97-145VT and C97-144VT) - New in Mar 2019
  • Dobinsons steering stabilizer - New Mar 2019
  • DBA T3 Series 4000 slotted rotors (front and rear) - October 2019
  • Toyota brake pads - October 2019
  • 315/75/16 Cooper STT PRO mud terrain tires (1 year old) includes set of 4x V-bar chains
  • Full sized spare (BFG Ko2 100% tread)
  • Slee Caster correction plates
  • Slee Offroad front double cardan driveshaft - imperative to prevent weird driveline wobbles.
  • Tie Rod and Tie Rod ends replaced - Aug 2019
  • U-joints replaced Aug 2018
  • Adjustable front and rear panhard bars to center axles
  • "Pin 7 mod" to allow Low range without locking center diff
  • Big brake upgrade on front AND rear end - uses late model (1997) larger rotors and calipers with bigger pads -- significantly improves braking over stock
  • Front sway bar currently disconnected and stored safely in trunk

  • Dash gauge pod w/ Isspro EGT / Boost / Trans Temp Gauges
  • Air conditioning works 100% and no leaks. Recharged in July 2019 following heater core replacement.
  • Turbo Timer
  • JVC double DIN CD/Bluetooth head unit, Alpine amps, 12" sub in rear panel
  • Viair 12V onboard air and quick connects front+rear
  • Dynamat (QuietCrap) and 1" acoustic foam over entire body (not headliner)
  • Rear Husky cargo liner
  • Backup/Dash camera
  • Heater core - replaced Dec 2018
  • Removable storage/sleeping platform
  • Better cup holder (massive selling feature)

  • Body is in very good shape - Painted with Monstaliner (there was no rust, I did it to cover the holes left behind from removing the wheel arches)
  • ARB Deluxe Front bumper
  • Tow hitch and brake controller from Burnaby Hitch
  • Aisin factory winch w/ remote and Amsteel blue synthetic winch rope
  • Depot style headlight upgrade (corner, turning, and headlight)
  • Cruisin' Offroad Sliders (bolt-on)
  • 6 ARB rain gutter clamps and aluminum rack

  • Amsoil Heavy Duty Diesel Full Synthetic Oil since it was imported in 2006
  • Amsoil bypass filtration system
  • Amsoil Synthetic Gear Oil in front+rear diffs + tcase

  • Quite a few extra parts, spare turbo, 3" exhaust and intercooler parts, some parts that I was collecting to begin a 4" exhaust system, huge bag of various sized spare Toyota bolts
  • A fair bit of maintenance was done at ATEB since the previous owner and I have owned it: including injection pump resealing, injector removal and rebuilding (Fred Holmes), front knuckle resealing, valve clearances, coolant and steering fluid flushes, wheel bearings, and much more (~$5000). Most recently, the front heater core was replaced with an aluminum one.
  • Chassis and Engine Manuals, aftermarket parts instruction manuals, as well as customized part numbers list and modification details provided to help out down the road
  • eligible for US import

What's wrong:
  • Typical small leaks/weeps from a 25+ year old truck. It doesn't lose any fluids in quantities sufficient to require refilling. Oil level doesn't change between fills. Doesnt leave any marks on the ground after being parked.
  • Front wipers high speed position has never worked, possibly needs switch cleaning.
  • Ding in the front windshield, about 1/2" in diameter.
  • Antenna snapped and missing

Importing to USA
  • Meets the 25-year import rule.
  • Vehicle has a North American (British Columbia) VIN. Imports directly from overseas don't and it can be a big hassle obtaining one.
  • I'm familiar with import/export process and will facilitate the process so the buyer has access to all the information required to successfully register and insure the vehicle in the US.
  • Willing and able to deliver vehicle to Pacific Northwest - if farther, might have to negotiate something. This will save you the step of having to get a permit to drive it from Canada to US.
  • Import and emissions documents: DOT Form H7, EPA Form 3520-1 and Bill of Sale can all be prepared on your behalf.

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