dead battery

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    RTH: Dead Battery and Hood Latch Broken

    Pretty crappy morning today....battery in our 04 is dead and the hood release will not work. The cable must have snapped or become disconnected somewhere. A quick search doesn't show too much....can you get the hood open by finagling something through the grille? Any urgent help would be...
  2. LCunderhill

    FJ62 electrical issue/ Fusible Link

    Hey Guys, Iv'e done all sorts of researching but just couldn't find a similar situation. although many other threads have gotten mt to this point, so thank you! I have recently had some electrical issues with the truck. Long story Short... It started up perfectly fine from sitting for 2 days...
  3. F

    1HD-T - Possible air leak from fuel primer ?

    The cruiser hasn't been starting up as quick as she used to, being a Di she used to fire as soon as i flicked the key, now it cranks for a couple seconds. I don't know whether it is an air leak or a dying starter, batteries are only a few months old and it had a rebuild 10k/km's ago, drives mint...
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