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  1. bcomnes

    91' FJ80 Air/Climate Dash Bulb replacement

    I recently picked up a 91 FJ80 and am loving it. However as you can see the bulbs for the dashboard are burnt out. I'm not looking to do a full LED upgrade at the moment, just replace with a bulb that matches the rest of the dash. What kind of bulb and how many do I need to get the climate...
  2. carlos michel

    Wanted  Fj40 elephant horns and dash lamp

    For a 66 resto project need H and L pitched horn Also looking for the under dash light Regards
  3. R

    ac dash light bulb out

    so i soldered in new led's in my dash ac control panel thingy and all the lights work great except the ac light. i traded led's multiple times with no luck and tested it with a multimeter and theres no voltage at the positive and negative spot where the bulb contacts go. and i traded back to a...
  4. G

    Dash light polarity

    I admit I am not familiar with the way our vehicles are grounded so bear with me. I have some aftermarket gauges that need lights hooked up. If the output wire from the rheostat is taped it will brighten and dim the new gauges opposite of the OEM. I have an aftemaket dimmer from Autometer that...
  5. burtoncr

    Door Ajar Dash Light Stuck On

    Need some help with a diagnosis and fix. The door ajar dash light on my GX is stuck on and the dome lights stay on (if set to "door). Here is my diagnosis so far: 1) I went around to all 4 doors, opened them, saw the door puddle lights on each door come on 2) Pushed the plunger sensor on the...
  6. saleach

    "VSC OFF" Light not working when in 4L

    Recently I have had all of the lights associated with 4L go out on my LX470. Before, when I shifted from 4H-N-4L both the center diff lock switch as well as the VSC OFF switch would come on on the dash. I replaced the center diff lock switch on the center diff and now that light works but I...
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