1. LandyAndy

    Wanted 100 Series Center Console Rear Cupholder

    Needing the cupholder on the back of the center console. Really just need the front plate but the whole cupholder assembly would be great too. Here's my current situation:
  2. H

    2003 rear center armrest cupholder

    So I bought this and didn't realize the cup holder looks to be broken and missing. Anyway to replace it without getting raped on price? The armrest is the grey leather.
  3. bluehawk

    Wanted Used 8" Tuffy Console for 87' Fj60

    Hello guys, I'm looking for an 8" Tuffy Console for my Fj60. Color doesn't matter because I'll probably have it blasted and powder coated. Would like one with the mounting area for a stereo but anything will do. Thanks ahead of time. Ryan
  4. corleykj

    FJ40 cup holders - Give me some feedback please

    I made myself a couple different cup holders for my fj40 after getting tired of not having a good spot to hold a drink or two. If you look at these and have any suggestions for improvements or things you would like to see me tweak for your 40's cup holders, let me know. These mount to your...
  5. corleykj

    FJ40 Cup holders - for sale

    Feel free to check out the classifieds as I am selling them as individual cup holders, and a group by is not necessary anymore. Below information may be out dated. Here is a cup holder I made for myself and a good friend, which fits late 1972 to late 1978 models with bucket seats (and the...
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