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  1. C

    1991 HDJ80R Pulse Speed/Cruise sender

    Hey guys, So I am right at the finishing line at restoring cruise control in my 91’ Sahara. New OEM Speedo cable, throttle cable, actuator cable, actuator and computer - has been an absolute ball ache but I’m feeling confident I’m almost home. Anyway, the final piece of the jigsaw is the...
  2. C

    91’ Sahara Cruise Module

    Hey lads, I just bought a 91’ Sahara, the owner removed the cruise and put a standard cable in (no idea why) Anyway I have bought a new module and noticed the cable that is installed looks relatively new plus there is only one anchor point for the throttle cable. Looking to get some clarity...
  3. RFB

    For Sale Cruise control from 97 FZJ80 complete

    100 bucks to your door, I have the actuator,underdash box and bolts and the arm for the steering column shoot me a text 508-718-8253
  4. RFB

    removing cruise control module

    I no longer have cruise on the steering column, but the device is still under the hood, any drawback to removing it entirely? Im never selling, Im never going to use cruise ever. and the space could be better used for a fuse block.
  5. S

    Flashing Cruise Control Light 2000 LX470

    Strange thing just happened this morning. Flashing cruise control light and rig runs fine. I even tested cruise control and that works just fine. I hooked up my scanner and there are no codes. I've tried a search here and on google with no luck. Any other help will be greatly appreciated...
  6. N

    FJ-60 Cruise Control

    I have not found a good thread on having a cruise control installed on a stock FJ-60. I had it done with one I owned in the 90's but the company that did it then is out of business. Any recommendations on doing this or the type of shop that can do it? Issues with doing this on the carburated 2F?
  7. C

    Urgent: Torque Converter for A442F Fully Hydraulic transmission

    Hello there! I have brought down my transmission of 1HDT 91 with A44F2 fully hydraulic. Now I figured my torque converter is gone. No way I can find this in India, where I live. I have been seeing some refurbished one's by Florida Torque Converters on ebay, any feedback if these guys are good...
  8. 100 series

    90-92 Cruise Control Fix

    Hello all, i've been reading here for years but this is my first post. I've got a 90 HDJ81 with cruise control problems. Mr. Toyota no longer makes the speed sensor for the 91-92 80 series (or 90-92 HDJ81) and call me a soft but having the CC is awesome for driving our rigs long distance. I...
  9. 40thSagePearl

    Fzj80 cruise control shutout while driving..HELP

    I wad taking a bit of a road trip on and off with the cruise control, went to re engage it and turn Cruise back on the light kind of flickered on the dash, failed to engage, and now cruise doesnt light up at all or engage .. could this be the actuator ? It was working fine throught the beginning...
  10. ryanrtxtx

    Cruise Control Shuts off

    Hi my 94 LC is having an issue with Cruise Control. I put it on and it holds speed just fine. But after about 1mile Cruise Control shuts off and the vehicle begins to slow. The Cruise Control light stays on, but it acts like I pressed the brake (even though I haven't). Any experience with...
  11. A

    HDJ81 Cruise Control Issues

    I have a 1991 HDJ81 and I'm having cruiser control issues. When I click the cruiser button to engage, the light will turn on. I'll set the cruise at a certain speed and some times it will work, some times it will not. When it does work and the cruise control sets it will only stay set for a...
  12. Chaldaean

    Cruise Control, Horn and Airbag (SRS) Not Functional. Can't figure out issue.

    Horn: Not responsive from the drivers seat, but I can jump the control relay in the engine bay and make it honk. Cruise Control: Nothing happens on the dash when I press the buttons. Airbag: Trouble light is illuminated on the dash (indicating a broken connection). This sounded like a classic...
  13. Gary Maclean

    Noobie FZJ105 face lift

    Hey team... I'm Gary and my 105 is in need of a face lift. I will most likely have many questions as i go through the process if i can't find threads already covering my question. I have already found heaps of great stuff on hereand am looking forward to working out how this site works lol My...
  14. K

    Bizarre Electrical issues w/ LED turn signals

    I recently took my '99 Land Cruiser to the Toyota Dealership to troubleshoot the following issues: ABS light turning on after driving for a block or so Potential fuel pump replacement as the vehicle would surge momentarily while accelerating on the highway (passing a car or aggressive lane...
  15. junior80

    Wanted '95+ fzj80 steering wheel + cruise control parts Sydney, Aus.

    Hi all, I'm after a 95 onwards steering wheel with airbag and all associated parts for the cruise control, must be grey to match the interior. This will be to retro-fit into a 40th anniversary without the airbag steering wheel and no factory cruise control. will pay for int'l shipping for the...
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