1. Paul G

    For Sale  SF Bay Area: Front Range T-CASE CROSSMEMBER kit

    $150 takes it, new unused. Please PM me if your interested.
  2. J

    '99 Land Cruiser Front Crossmember Replacement

    Hello, new to this site. I'm looking for a new or used front crossmember replacement for my '99 FJ100, part 51205-60150. This is the piece that supports the transmission. Also, anybody know why this part has rotted out so much faster than the rest of the frame? Vehicle spent 15 years in the...
  3. Dork

    Rear Crossmember Replacement Poll Time

    Hey This has probably been discussed before, but searching hasn't found me anything specific. I'm coming up with ideas for building a new rear bumper, and am contemplating removing the rear crossmember in order to make something fit a bit more snug. Bumper will likely end up being 3/16"...
  4. tgell001

    1st gen 4runner shift issue after crossmember install

    1986 4runner Automatic Installed a budbuilt crossmember that didn't exactly fit correctly, so he shipped me spacers and it required 2 to remove the interference with the bottom of the case. Now, I'm stuck in 4WH and the shifter but it into 2WH or 4WL. The shifter moves but feels as if its...
  5. shmukster

    For Sale  FJ60 transfer case crossmember

    Just stripped an 86 FJ60 and have the transmission/transfer case crossmember for sale. Good shape, includes the saddle for the transfer case. Price $65 pickup only in northeast PA will not ship. Best to email me
  6. 1978FJ4O

    Parting Out  FJ60 3 piece Crossmember

  7. JS114

    Welded nuts in rear crossmember - what for?

    My neighbor has an '04 LX with the integrated hitch, which I'm jealous of. I have an aftermarket hitch on my '01 and hate how it looks and how low it hangs. I was poking around today and see that I have the four welded nuts on the back of my rear cross member, but no 2x2 hole for the insert to...
  8. rotoyz

    SOLD  LX470 Differential Crossmember

    For sale: OEM Differential Crossmember from a 2000 LX470 $50 Prefer local sale in Southern California or buyer pays shipping
  9. SoCal_80

    For Sale  06 Front/Rear Bumper Skins, foam and crossmember

    Replacing both bumpers and I have the front and rear bumper skins, foam and front cross member from an '06 Thunder Cloud LC. Good condition with the "normal" scuffs....Still very presentable, $40 for both. The front is already removed and I hope to get the rear off tomorrow. Sean
  10. KliersLC

    Wanted  95-97 Transmission/Transfer case Crossmember

    Hi Folks, I need to replace my crossmember as I have banged it on too many rocks and recently ripped the slee skid plate off, tearing several holes in it. I would prefer one that does not have any rust. Shipping will be to 23464 (Virginia Beach) unless you are on the 95 corridor between...

    60 Reproduction Rear Crossmember

    FJ60 rear crossmember to replace that old rusted or damaged one. Or for the guys restoring their favorite cruiser. I will have the FJ62 inner and outer rear crossmembers available soon as well. Laser cut from 1/8" HSLA steel and CNC bent for accuracy. Will require the removal of OEM factory...
  12. V

    Pickup IFS Crossmember bent?

    Hi everybody, brand new here, but figured I'd start things out with a little bit of quandry I'm in. I picked up a 90' Pickup for next to nothing, and am planning on doing an SAS on it, but noticed that one of the IFS crossmembers looks pretty funky. Can't tell if this is an insane bend, or...
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