1. T

    Wanted Help/needed asap - FJ62 Crankshaft nut and keyway, locking tab

    Tracked a rattle down to an almost sheared crank keyway- Never looked, but seems someone left off the crank nut. So- need a keyway, nut, and lock tab for a 1988 FJ62. Currently stuck near Lava Hot springs, Idaho, I'd obviously pay for shipping to the local post office. Or if anyone is local...
  2. HawkGunner

    HELP!! I can't get my crankshaft pulley nut off!

    I'm pulling the motor to change all the seals and gaskets. I need to get the C/S pulley nut off. I have a 46mm socket, and I've hammered on it with an impact gun. No luck. I put a breaker bar on it and bumped the starter. It doesn't look like it's budged even a little. Im new to the 2F...
  3. Holdfast

    How to test Crankshaft sensor- 2l-Te

    I have a very nice lj78 that runs great except for the first 10-15 seconds that you start it after sitting for more than 4 hours. For those 10-15 seconds it coughs and farts grey/black smoke, then levels out, runs and starts awesome all day long after that. Anyways, working my way through...
  4. montypr

    Shim between flywheel and Crankshaft 1997 LX450

    1997 LX 450: is there a shim that goes between the flywheel and the crankshaft? The engine was rebuilt and a new starter was installed but the vehicle sounds harsh as it starts up. I replaced the starter but sounds the same. A friend told me that there is a shim that goes between the flywheel...
  5. P

    Newbie with a Broken Crank pulley

    Hey, I just bought a 1984 Fj60 that seemed to be well taken care of. On the drive home from buying it the first two pulleys on the crank pulley fell off. By the looks of it I'm thinking that I can replace the whole crank pulley on my own. Before I start I wanted to get some advice. So if you...
  6. Bambusiero

    A Low Cost 300 ft-lb Torque Wrench - DIY Shop-Built

    Here is a low cost 300 ft-lb DIY shop-built torque wrench - to handle re-installation of that big 30mm 304 ft-lb harmonic balancer - crankshaft bolt. This is needed when you replace the front main seal and / or the oil pump cover plate o-ring, which are common oil leaks at the front of the...
  7. B

    Wanted Good used 2F crankshaft

    Mine has pretty bad scoring on multiple journals, machinist says it may not be workable - so I'm looking into replacing. I'm in Bellingham, WA (for shipping purposes)...any tips/leads would be appreciated! Oh, I could use a connecting rod, too. :) Thanks, Ben
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