crank no start

  1. J

    What am I doing wrong? She won’t start!

    I have a 1984 BJ60 w/3B & after market turbo. 2 weeks ago she ran well once started she would crank a little slow and eventually start. I replaced the starter motor got a compression check, 425 psi across all 4, and she started well there after problem solved right.....? last night after no...
  2. 60 toy ota

    no spark from coil

    Hi all, I'm more of a 60's guy so pardon my lack of knowledge on the wiring of an 80. I just finished rebuilding my dads 1fz (97 LX) which blew a HG. engine still ran when parked. post rebuild, engine cranks but doesn't even try to start. checked the distributor and it's aligned, put a timing...
  3. KUpchu9702

    Hard starting in extreme heat conditions

    I have been having an issue with my 2006 100 now that the heat of summer is here in Arizona. After driving at slow speeds off-road on hot days I am getting fuel coming out of the fuel fill area causing fumes. If I turn off the engine it will crank strong, but won't start until it has cooled off...
  4. C

    LX470 Intermittent won't Start

    My first post! I have a 2001 LX470 with 186K on it and experience the intermittent crank but no start issue I have read about(then after some time it starts). I am changing the fuse block, dealer indicates that may be the issue. They initially suggested to just change the EFI fuse. Still...
  5. S

    No start, 3FE. Please help.

    Hello, Pulled out of the driveway the other day, and made it 100 yards before the engine cut off and would not start again. Checked the codes, got "No NE/G signal". Was getting no spark, so I followed the " EFI woe and strife" troubleshooter I have seen on here. Found that one of the...
  6. T

    A tough crank no start problem finally sorted

    Hope this post may help someone else figure things out a little quicker than it took me. I went out to start my 2000 LC one morning and it cranked strong but wouldn't ever try to fire. After finding no codes with my OBD II scanner and checking all the items mentioned in other threads, the...
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