1. L

    100 series Rust -Actual Performance Failure

    I live in the Rust Belt (Indiana). I've had my '04 since new. Garage kept, dealer serviced, winter driven. No off road and only 115K . OEM Had '99 with 298K. 4th owner. Rust everywhere underneath. Ran like brand new, just eyesore under her garters. Rust and corrosion live in the undercarriage...
  2. Muddy Bean

    Krown Rustproofing

    Posted a few years ago about this. Just had my second Krown treatment applied to my '98 LC. This stuff is very effective. A new Krown dealer opened up here in Michigan so I don't have to go to Canada anymore. For those who haven't heard of their process, basically they initially drill small...
  3. DirtScaresMe

    got some radiator corrosion going on

    I dropped in a new battery and saw a drop of green coolant hanging about: for shame! My reservoir has gone from full to empty over the course of ~6 months, and I've never seen a drop hit the ground or a puddle under the car. And I looked a lot because I had a leaking inner axle seal so I was...
  4. Randy88FJ62

    Galvanic Corrosion on battery posts. Best preventative?

    Installed a second marine battery in my cruiser and did all the battery cables myself with a hydraulic crimper. The terminal for the 1/0 AWG winch cable is copper and the 2 AWG wires for the dual battery system are tin plated copper. I am already noticing small amounts of white oxide due to...
  5. Output Shaft

    My Three Minute Restoration

    Well since I've been crawling around on everyone else's threads for a long time now, I thought I would finally share a little too. Since we've all seen the same ole, same ole, I thought I'd just get it out of the way and dump my entire car cleanup photo reference library folder into QuickTime...
  6. Dave 2000

    Rusty balls.

    OK, under the LC today to change engine oil and filter and having a general look around, my attention is once again drawn to rust caused pitting on the swivel balls. Not leaking as per oil contaminated, just the fact that as you turn the pitting picks up grease and brings it outside the seal...
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