1. skillsforchrist

    TORQUE Converter 32000-60060

    Trying to find torque converter and counterbalance in Australia or Japan. Flywheel by skillsforchrist posted Apr 27, 2017 at 9:59 PMTorqu Converter by skillsforchrist posted Apr 27, 2017 at 9:59 PMTorqu Converter by skillsforchrist posted Apr 27, 2017 at 9:59 PM I ordered from the USA and the...
  2. joekatana

    For Sale Hdj80/81 12/24 converter

    I have a fully functional 12/24 converter from a 1991 hdj80. These cost about 300$ at the dealer I am selling this one for 150$ including shipping in the lower 48. If you have a hdj80 or hdj81 this is a good spare part to keep handy before they become no longer available. Joe
  3. C

    Urgent: Torque Converter for A442F Fully Hydraulic transmission

    Hello there! I have brought down my transmission of 1HDT 91 with A44F2 fully hydraulic. Now I figured my torque converter is gone. No way I can find this in India, where I live. I have been seeing some refurbished one's by Florida Torque Converters on ebay, any feedback if these guys are good...
  4. D

    2001 LX470 Torque Converter locked up! Advice for repair?

    So, in December, I surprised my wife with an 01 LX470 with 171K. The price was very reasonable, and it was in excellent condition. Plus, I was off work from surgery, and I usually get in trouble if I"m not at work! She has been driving an 01 4Runner for quite some time. Two days ago as she came...
  5. Spike Strip

    California Smog and Catalytic Converter CAT

    Just wanted to pass on an FYI that on my last smog test, earlier in the month, both stations I went to, the tech actually crawled under the truck and recorded the part # of the CAT and checked against a database for CA compliance. I've since talked to a couple of other people who had the same...
  6. Koe E

    FZJ80 single catalytic

    Is anyone running a single catalytic converter in there fzj80? Any smog issues? I want to delete one of the cataylic converters and tuck my exhaust closer to the underside of the vehicle, but living in California I need it to pass smog. I want to run the exhaust into a single catalytic converter.
  7. DuckLN

    Remove catalytic converter ?

    In arkansas we don't require a smog test on vehicles. Would my lc run any better if i cut the cat converter off and had a pipe welded in? Or would this cause an O2 sensor to go into fault mode or something similar? Always lookin for improvement!
  8. cruiserjunktion

    For Sale N Fla '97 A343F Tranny + xfer + Torque Converter

    Selling the trans, transfer and converter from a 96 lx450. $550 for all 181k. Good condition. Prefer local pickup, but will drop at fastenal for freight. Buyer makes arrangements. Rolling chassis also available.
  9. T

    For Sale NC: FJ62 Catalytic Converter and Exhaust

    Removed from 1988 FJ62 with 161k miles Cat - $40 Exhaust Y from Cats to Muffler - $75 Prefer local pickup in Charlotte NC
  10. W

    Best OBII reader/Scan tool?

    Searching on my phone is a little frustrating, so if there's a resourceful thread out there already link me and I'll be on my way. :bang: Looking to pick up a scan tool, is there one more valuable/accurate than the rest or are they all pretty similar? Leaning towards the ScanGaugeII at the...
  11. Payara Offroad

    Wanted 1992 LC 80 Torque Converter 32000-60031

    I need a torque converter for a LC 1992 3FE (4.0) trans A440F. I am located in Charlotte NC.
  12. C

    Catalyitic Converter

    Has anyone installed an aftermarket catalytic converter? If so, what do you recommend?
  13. L

    Catalytic converter OEM/after market?-need suggestions by Monday...

    I'm looking some suggestion for replacement Cat., I would like an OEM but cost is prohibitive. So I' thinking possibly MagnaFlow? Took the car to a very reputable local mechanic (AAA certified and by customer reviews and history), upon a thorough diagnostic, they determined that it is in fact...
  14. MisipLC

    Align Flywheel and Torque Converter LX450

    Well I have searched the vast expanse of the forum and internet, only to come away still confounded. i am trying to mate the engine and transmission, ensuring the flywheel bolt holes and torque converter bolt holes align. My son and I can't seem to crack this particular nut. 1. Is there a...
  15. Fantom

    Anyone in Australia familiar with Powertech MB3691 24VDC to 12VDC charger?

    There are a few options out there for running 12VDC components on 24VDC trucks. Ranging from running direct off converters to running things off a battery and charging it. I know several guys on here have set up systems using solar charge controllers and converters to recharge batteries. A few...
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