1. Bardiya

    Help with getting rid of dark spots-LED Cluster

    I’ve just changed my 6 cluster illumation bulbs to 3 sided LED’s and I’m getting dark spots between the tach and speedometer but also the speedometer needle. I’ve found that some have found solutions to this while searching the forum but no explanations on how they fixed it. I’d appreciate any...
  2. M

    Diagnosing Cluster Issues

    Howdy all, first post here on the thread, I finally need help. I have a 1973 Fj40, was a frame off. So when it was rewired was rewired with a quick wire kit. My issue is my gauges are all wired, each gauge is getting power in, and each sending unit has power at the sending unit, however none of...
  3. mrjordann

    How do I remove my gauge cluster?

    Hello, I have a 1973 FJ40 and I have been struggling to remove my dashboard gauge cluster. If anybody has tried this, you will know what I mean. How do I get it out? No matter which way I pull it, it feels like there are metal tabs in the dashboard holding the cluster in place. Any tips/helpful...
  4. 1982FJoe40

    Bright Instrument Cluster Bulbs

    I should have gone LED. I just replaced my dash bulbs with the CoolCruiser magnum bulbs and I'm now blowing my fuse. Fuse is 15 amp, but I see some circuits are 20 amp. Has anyone else gone through this? Wondering if it's safe to switch to a 20 amp.
  5. mudterrain75

    For Sale Cluster instruments FJ/BJ/HJ40 in Kmh

    I have three units of cluster instruments in kmh (Australian model) of FJ/BJ/HJ40. Price $150 ea plus shipping (I can ship through Priority Mail) to anywhere in the world. Will give you discount price for bulk purchase. Reach me at +628122966996 (text/whatsapp/imessage). Pics
  6. E

    Wanted Early 1980 FJ40 Instrument Cluster

    I am looking for a working early 1980 FJ40 instrument cluster. Anyone got one for sale?
  7. tstepp920

    Wanted Guage Cluster for a 1980 FJ40

    I have been informed that my gauge cluster can not be restored due to the rust on the face of the gauge cluster. Soooo..... I need a re-storeable gauge cluster for a 5/80 FJ40. Be gentle. My wallet has suffered greatly due to my affliction.
  8. pardion

    For Sale Pigtail for Late Instrument Cluster 40/45 Camino, Ca.

    Once in a while people are looking for one of these, about 10" of wire. $30.00 shipped. Thanks, John
  9. workingdog

    Cluster Master Cylinder

    I pulled this off my FJ40. It looks like what I"m seeing at CoolCruisers for a clutch master for a 69/70 (mines a 66, but this was what was on it). When I went to NAPA, they showed me something different and smaller. I called my local Toyota dealer and they quoted me over $200. So, I"m trying to...
  10. 5

    For Sale 1975 FJ40 Tire Carrier and Original Cluster

    I have a tire carrier in excellent condition, no rust. $150. Also have the original instrument cluster, reading 27,7XX miles. $200. Located in the SF Bay Area for pickup only.
  11. 5

    1975 FJ40 Tire Carrier & Original Instument Cluster for sale

    I have a tire carrier in excellent condition, no rust. $150. Also have the original instrument cluster, reading 27,7XX miles. $200. Located in the SF Bay Area for pickup only. Feel free to make me a reasonable offer.
  12. Z

    Wanted 80 series gauge cluster

    My speedo quit working. I know why, but it's not fixable. So I either need a complete gauge cluster or just a working speedo from said cluster. It's needed for a 95-97.
  13. J

    For Sale (Az) Fj40 Autometer Gauge Cluster $250. OBO

    New price: $250.00 OBO plus shipping. All gauges, direction signal indicators (red), blue high beam indicator and integral lighting of individual gauges all work. Removed from my '78 40 after 2FE conversion was completed as I went back to stock . Included are the water line complete with sensor...
  14. gummycarbs

    No D Light, how to get brittle PRNDL cluster out?

    I've spent a fair bit of time searching on this. I've read several threads discussing the infamous D light, dash disassembly, and even mention of how easy it is to break the PRNDL cluster, but I haven't seen anyone suggest how to remove it without breaking it. The best explanation was...
  15. FixedIt

    Gauge Cluster - Gauge Compatibility

    Good evening! I have what I am now sure is an early gauge cluster (speedo to 100mph, gauges are in order of oil, temp, fuel, amm). Also, gauges have a "rounded bottom" vs. the new yr gauges. My temp gauge is not working, always pegged at H, and needs replacement. My question is, will the newer...
  16. L

    Instrument Cluster removal 1993

    Trying to get the instrument panel out, need to replace some lights and fix a broken odometer(stopped working a few days ago when I pressed the trip reset) in a '93. I've watched some videos and searched around on this forum but I the resources I found had me stuck at the removal of the second...
  17. Hollowman

    Digital Instrument Cluster FZJ80 ?

    Em Looking For " Digital Instrument Cluster " For My Devil's Den (FZJ80) Does Anyone have seen yet any aftermarket " Instrument Cluster " For Auto Gear - 80 Series So Far ? I saw many of cluster's lights are changed to red, blue etc but that is not em looking for ... Your All Input Is...
  18. C

    For Sale 1989 FJ62 Toyota land Cruiser instrument cluster

    Hi guys! I have a instrument cluster from my 1989 FJ62. It is in great shape, everything works. Current mileage on it is at 191k. If you have any questions, feel free to message me or text me at 9156264910. Make offer. Thank you
  19. wngrog

    For Sale Sold

    New cluster from CityRacer OEM Instrument Gauge Cluster for Land Cruiser 40 Series FJ40 I purchased for my 68 but there is too much to do to make this work with my old harness. Here is the kicker. The amp gauge is blown. If you have an older truck with 30 amp alternator this will be replaced...
  20. goranvolvo

    For Sale 80 series instrument cluster 91-92 and 93-94

    i have for sale instrument cluster for 91-91 80 series with 152491 miles 130 $ shipped i also have bunch smaler interior parts so best just ask what you may need and i can let you know if i have it image sharing sites
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