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  1. masonhayman1017

    Amp/nav/climate confusion

    Alright so I know there’s a few threads about this but it’s just confusing me more. None of the speakers in my Lc work so I’m assuming the amp took a s*** and everything in reading is sounding like if I put a new aftermarket one it will mess up the climate control systems. What is there to know...
  2. B

    Lx470 double din & climate control help

    I purchased a pioneer AVH-4400 double din. Installed with the appropriate adapter harnesses and got it working. However no option for climate controls Anyomne no how to adapt over over-ride so I can have heat and air with this quote aftermarket stereo??
  3. 400kcruiser

    For Sale  98-02 Lexus LX470 Woodgrain Climate Control

    Have this spare one. I switched over to black. It’s in great shape and everything works great on it. $400 shipped in the US or $350 if you send me the core. Thank you! 98 99 00 01 02 Lexus lx470 climate heater control assembly woodgrain
  4. oldcavendish

    A/C and Recirc buttons not working after replacing A/C clutch bearing

    So here is the back story. I bought my '99 LC from my cousin in Dallas, TX this June and we road tripped it back to Columbia, SC. Only one time did the A/C light start blinking and the A/C stopped blowing cold. We turned the climate control off and turned it back on a few minutes later and...
  5. K

    AC system working but no cold air in cabin

    I have searched around and cannot find a thread that addresses my specific issue with my new-to-me 2003 100LC. The climate controls and AC worked great for the first 2,000 miles or so (that I have owned it) but now I am having issues. I do not have cold air in the cabin. I have confirmed...
  6. chelfy

    Wanted  100 Series (98-02) Climate Control Panel / Unit (Non-Nav)

    I'm looking for the non navigation climate control, Land Cruiser or LX 470, ideally rotary control style with 3 knobs, to convert my nav unit over. I'd like the bezel and wiring harness pigtails if possible, no radio needed. Example images below of rotary style followed by digital style.
  7. Brent Trudo

    2000 100 series with a climate control issue

    I seem to be stumped. When i run the climate control all the way to the max cold setting it triggers the heat. I have taken everyones suggestion and replaced the Thermistor cooler sensor part number 88625-47021 and no luck. This part is located under the ignition where you can see the slots in...
  8. Bill F

    Awful noise from climate control...

    So, just searched and could not find anything about this. Have an awful clicking noise from the climate control when I slide the temp lever over towards cold. It only stops when slid to halfway cold/warm or full warm position. Was having this noise and just replaced the broken heater valve with...
  9. K

    03 LX470 nav/radio/climate problems

    I have a 2003 LX470 with ML audio. I was putting an aftermarket amp and sub after the stock blew. Everything was almost finished and the nav screen went black, with the radio not turning on. The climate remained on the same settings until I reset the battery terminals. Every fuse has been...
  10. BoneDragger

    Climate Control Issue, 40th Anniv.

    So now that I have properly introduced myself in my first post, please allow me to post my first request for trouble shooting assistance. I (or should I the "ride") is having an intermittent non-functioning climate control. When the weather is very warm, 90+ degrees (as it is iAn Coastal GA...
  11. Brent Trudo

    lc 100 climate control blowing hot air on cold setti g

    I am having a strange issue. When I turn down the temperature on my land cruiser the heater continues to blow hot air. This doesn't happen all the time. Any ideas?

    Wanted  2000 LX470 drivers side headlight/RR cap/climate controls

    a meteorite hit my drivers side headlight, looking for replacement glass, I'll take a headlight in any condition provided the glass is clear/can be restored and no chips. i also need a roof rack cover for the front passengers side. and the off and auto buttons don't work on my climate control...
  13. C

    For Sale  Land Cruiser-1985 mirrors and climate control

    Land Cruiser-1985 mirrors and climate controL Please send messages if interested 832-452-6647
  14. wfd175

    Climate Control Issues Specifically A/C

    I've been searching for a 200 series AC issues thread. In troubleshooting mode right now. Front AC drivers side vents blow cool not cold. If I turn the fan to low the temp gets cooler. The passenger front is half as cold as the drivers , both sides set on low, re-circ or fresh air in makes no...
  15. G

    HVAC Automatic Climate Control is Either Hot or Cold

    The automatic climate control system in my 97 40th Anniversary LC can be set to full heat or full cold only ...nothing in between (like warm) ...when in automatic or manual setting. So my only adjustments are Hot, Cold and fan speed. Any explanations or suggestions ? Thanks !
  16. gofast

    For Sale  Dash bulbs for 80 series climate control

    SOLD SOLD I have two sets of brand new bulbs. Unit takes three bulbs. 84999-70015 $30 each set shipped CONUS
  17. tedzap

    2003 Climate Control problem

    I have a 2003, and the other week my climate controls started having problems. Specifically, they don't work. When I push the CLIMATE button I get a message on the NAV screen "Check the connection of the Air Conditioner". Since that time, this problem has coming and going. For example...
  18. bludy1

    MFD NAV Screen is Black 2002 LX 470

    I started my vehicle yesterday, and the nav screen was black. If I pushed the Climate button, it would bring up the climate control screen and the climate control functions worked. The Audio button also worked and would bring up the audio controls. The Display button worked too and would bring...
  19. jerryb

    68 ohm resistor to replace stereo on NAV equipped LC and LX

    I'm not the first to do this, pucker5 posted a few days ago without pics. There was talk about it before, I just didn't try it. But I did today. This comes from prius people and I found some other info from avalon forums also. If you put a 68 ohm .5 watt resistor on the C plug pins 9 and 10...
  20. ItGoesTo11

    LX470 Heater Function Problem

    I have a 1999 LX470 - 160k miles - original owner- garaged - completely stock - well taken care of - no modifications of any kind. I'm looking for help with the function of the climate control/heater. Here is the problem: In cold weather, when the car is started dead cold, the climate control...
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