1. djzimms

    Keeping Cigarette Lighter on When Vehicle Turned Off

    I'm curious if anyone has a quick fix (or not so quick fix) for something I'd like to change about factory settings with the cigarette lighter. I'd like to make an adjustment so that the cigarette lighter can still charge small items here and there when the vehicle is turned off. Seems like...
  2. LongDuck

    Update Your 80: Cigarette Lighter Socket to Dual-USB!

    After Death Valley Overland this time last year, I found that I have little use for a cigarette lighter plug in the dash (*being a non-smoker!), and a real use for USB connectors there. Having borrowed a retrofit plug-in USB adaptor from @1Louder , it worked, but the sad state of my cigarette...
  3. Sacto60

    Cigarette Lighter probs

    Pulled out my cigarette lighter from the dash since it hasn't worked in many years. Reviewed some search posts on cigarette problems, and one in particular mentioned blowing the 15A fuse (3rd down left side on schematic) this is assoc w/ Cig. The post described how the ignition switch may be a...
  4. J

    91 FJ80 Cigarette Lighter fuse blows

    In my 1991 FJ80, the cigarette lighter fuse blows as soon as I put a load on it. The thing is, the phone charger I put in there only works after I twist it and push it in a bit. Then it lights up and the fuse goes. Is there supposed to be a fusible link on the back of these 91-92 cigarette...
  5. D

    Cigarette Lighter Isn't Working (But Gets Power)

    I'm trying to figure out a weird problem with my 1978 FJ40's cigarette lighter. Electronics are definitely not my strong suit. My brother (@BRShap) and I bought our first 40 last week, and I'll post a thread about our road trip bringing it back to NY from Alabama soon. Truck is in great...
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