1. AdventureYeti

    For Sale  CCOT FJ40 Gas Tank 9/72-12/78 (Long Beach, CA USA)

    Hello, When I purchased my '67 FJ40, it came with a new CCOT FJ40 Gas Tank. Unfortunately, it was designed for a late model Cruiser and wouldn't fit in my early cab. The tank was mounted in the truck, and to my knowledge only ran for a short period of time. It's super clean and ready for a 72...
  2. AdventureYeti

    CCOT Replica Tank Install for 67 FJ40?

    Hello, I purchased a '67 that had come with a new CCOT Replica OE tank installed. However, the owner mentioned the filler neck would fill with fuel, and would require waiting for a few minutes between filling because fuel just stays in the filler neck, before gurgling down. Why is this? I've...
  3. dogfishlake

    Thoughts on CCOT half doors

    Hello all, I have been slowly getting time to at least THINK about my new 40, and order a few items. I am going to put a SOR bikini top on it for summer, and was looking for anyone with an opinion on the Cool Cruisers half doors. I may just use my original doors this year but it looks like...
  4. seventysixers

    For Sale  (UT)New CCOT fuel filler neck and rubber hose

    SOLD CCOT fuel filler neck and hose Paid 49.99 will take 30$ plus shipping
  5. 4

    Can someone post pics of the tuffy and ccot console in an fj60

    Trying to make a decision. Can anyone post pics of it in their ride. Thx
  6. 1Fine40

    Any Pix of CCOT rear bench seat mounts??

    Working on a rear seat mount for the bestop bench unit...wondering if anyone has a pic of the CCOT mount that they sell with their version of this seat?? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I hear... Cheers!
  7. T

    60 Series Seat Fabric opinions - CCOT vs CruiserCorps

    Looking into fabric interior kits for my 1988 FJ62 - I see CCOT and Cruiser Corps both offer grey fabric interior kits. Anyone have experience with either one? Not expecting OEM, but if one of these two is a little tougher that would be a deciding factor for me. They appear extremely similar...
  8. SS454

    CCOT HFS replacement tub

    I haven't been able to find any reviews of the new CCOT replacement 40 tubs. Has anyone see one yet? If so, how was the quality? I'm at the point where I'm either going to have the body shop piece together a half tub or buy a new replacement. It looks like the best options are either CCOT...
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