1. LandoCalruiser

    craigslist  $1700 California Desert 80 with an ARB front & 165k miles

    1998 Toyota landcruiser Not Mine. California Desert 80 with an ARB front and 165k miles. Looks like one slider or step up on the drivers side. No idea the story on this, was just posted today but body/paint looks good enough and if it's from where it's listed it probably has zero rust. Looks...
  2. 1

    For Sale  1997 LX450 150K Bulletproof Northern California

    Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I thought I'd post this here as many of those on this forums are better equipped to appreciate these beasts. 1997 Lexus LX450 with 150K miles. Three owner California vehicle. First two owners were from Manhattan Beach and Long Beach in Southern California...
  3. PinkLemon

    For Sale  HJ47 Truck in Northern California

    Classic stock Aussie HJ47 truck north of San Francisco on eBay: link here. HJ47 by PinkLemon posted Apr 4, 2017 at 6:52 PM
  4. Zhenya

    Bringing in 7x EU -> Other State -> California

    All, I am sure this has been beat to death, but a lot of the threads are old. Here is what is being worked on. 25yo+ 1HZ equipped truck imported into a state where plates will be easy enough to get. Then eventually the truck might be brought to california. If I have US title with diesel...
  5. R

    For Sale  4 OEM 100 series LC wheels 16" - central california

    4 OEM wheels off '98 LC, no center caps, no lug nuts, tires no good. $300.
  6. vonstanger

    For Sale  FZJ80 Subtank and accessories in San Francisco California

    Up for sale is a 'subtank', or auxiliary fuel tank, for a Land Cruiser FZJ80 with most of the major OEM Toyota components to do the conversion. Here is what is included: - 13.2 gallon petrol tank with both mounting brackets brackets, fuel gauge sending unit, and transfer tube. These are used. -...
  7. 9

    Wanted  LF FJ40 Los Angeles

    Hey guys, new here and found the site from researching vintageoffroad. Years 68-82, based off priority, here's what I'm looking for - Automatic Must be able to drive highway(65MPH) Mechanically sound Both Doors No rust Nice to haves: Grey color Top 33' Tires Ideally looking to have this...
  8. Markuson

    JerryCan Frustration-GRRRR!

    Aaaaaa!!!! So here in Kalifornistan, it seems that all the best jerry cans are illegal to buy, import, use, etc. **And yes, I have hunted on the forum and the internet... It's a mess trying to figure out, and all the best ones you'd want to buy via Amazon, etc. have a little note saying...
  9. Spike Strip

    California Smog and Catalytic Converter CAT

    Just wanted to pass on an FYI that on my last smog test, earlier in the month, both stations I went to, the tech actually crawled under the truck and recorded the part # of the CAT and checked against a database for CA compliance. I've since talked to a couple of other people who had the same...
  10. mstrsltr

    For Sale  FJ Cruiser Custom Covercraft Sunshade - California

    I paid $55 on Amazon for this lightly used GOLD Covercraft sunshade. Price is $30 firm. Willing to ship at your expense. I discovered Covercraft's Custom Fit Sunshades over 10 years ago. Since I sold my FJ Cruiser, I want to pass on the joy of the best sunshade out there. Why deal with...
  11. L

    For Sale  2004 lx470 California near Sacramento 142k

    This truck needs nothing except the recall done. front and rear brakes and roters done front rear diffs and transfer case, all fluids, timing belt water pump idler pulley, bearings, ahc fluid, new oem front shocks for ahc, im sure I am forgetting stuff. Just bought my wife a 13 gx460 and I want...
  12. T

    Southern California Landcruiser mechanics

    Wondering if any one had any recommendations for Land Cruiser shops/mechanics in Southern California/Orange County? I saw a thread somewhere earlier but for some reason I can't find it. Looking for help with an ARB air compressor install and maybe some suspension work. Thanks!
  13. Ghetto Fireman

    For Sale  1990 FJ-62 Southern California $8000.00

    Posting this for a friend: 1990 62 160k miles extremely clean w/ absolutely zero rust. These are the only photo's I have so please contact owner for additional info New Price of $8000.00 Found out is has a Salvaged Title !!!!! Kristine 213-200-8338
  14. C

    For Sale  1997 Fj80

    1997 FJ80, 262k miles, birfields rebuilt 2 years ago. No lockers. Been my moms grocery getter for 14years. $5000
  15. Matt Rosenstein

    Dealer  '99 100 Series | 130k miles | One owner | San Fransisco

    Sweet deal on a 99 100 series with 129,525 miles for $11,888. Used 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser For Sale in San Francisco CA | JT3HT05J3X0031172 | Serving Daly City, Oakland, Berkeley and San Bruno
  16. badsamaritan

    For Sale  Looking for pre '76 cruiser in So-Cal (LA / San Diego areas)

    I have cash in hand and I'm actively looking in all the usual places. Trying to find one in running / driving and in decent condition. Looking to stay in the 17k range. Thanks in advance--Mason
  17. Murphy

    For Sale  1976 FJ40 smog parts

    I have most of the smog equipment. I was collecting it for my FJ40 but I sold it and still have the equipment (buyer was in a no smog state). Smog pump, air rail, EGR cooler and valve and hose, ABV, vacuum controller, charcoal canister. Just need a couple more small things to complete it. I...
  18. a_traut_man

    For Sale  Not Mine - Low Mileage Locked 1998 Cruiser - CA

    Still in the habit of searching for 100s even though I already found mine... Low mileage 98 from California found on ebay, ran the Carfax and not much for service records, 3 owners... looks like it could be pretty solid for someone who can go check it out. Carfax attached... Toyota: Land...
  19. Spiva

    For Sale  FJ62 Hitch mounted 2 fuel can carrier - NorCal

    $150 obo I have a 2 fuel can carrier that attaches to a 2" hitch, and bolts to the lower side of the stock FJ62 bumper. (Sorry, I don't know if the 60 has the same size bumper.) Super easy to install, assuming you can remove your lower bumper bolts. The 2 can holder swings out to allow the...
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