1. O

    SOLD  Fresno, CA 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80, 156K miles, stock

    Good afternoon, It brings me mixed feelings to have to sell this, but our family is expanding, we bought a Tundra, and this must go. I bought this rig with my dad in 2005 and I am the second owner, it had somewhere around 49k miles on it then. The truck was originally titled in Scottsdale AZ...
  2. T

    BJ73 Registration in CA or VA

    good morning all! Im new to this form and had some questions for those of you who have imported BJ73's in to CA or VA. im active duty mil stationed in Spain and have a 89 BJ73 that im looking to bring back when i transfer back stateside. im wondering the process and the headaches you all went...
  3. masperk


  4. MrFitzie

    Trade  San Diego, CA: 85 2F Complete, H42F trans (no xfer) and misc parts left over from V8 swap

    I recently swapped from the stock 2F and H42F to a V8 setup so I have a bunch of misc items that I would rather pass on to a fellow IH8MUDer than just throw on Craigslist since I got a ton of information that made my swap possible from this forum. Bigger items are a name a reasonable price /...
  5. E

    Failed CA Smog

    Smog guy mentioned HC increasing at higher RPMs. Just bought this 1991 last week, drove it 10 hours home. Thanks for your help.
  6. 9

    For Sale  310k, 1998 LC 100

    About how much would one go for? ZERO rust anywhere you look. Rebuilt engine at 285k myself, took out "old" heater T's and put in new ones. New brakes/rotors rear, front is still good. New akebono brake pads for front. Kickass stereo system/amp/speakers. New shocks, struts, tires 85%. New...
  7. R

    Registering a Fed 79 FJ55 in CA?

    Anyone have any info about if its possible to make a car exempt from smog in CA? Or some way to get around this (legally)? My neighbor has a '79 FJ55 that he will sell me but its not currently registered in CA (from Idaho). Its missing a bunch of emissions control equipment as well (original...
  8. MountainLC

    For Sale  1992 FJ80 Land Cruiser - Southern California

    I am selling my 1992 Toyota FJ80 Land Cruiser. 283,XXX miles and still going strong. I'm located in Camarillo, Ca 93012. $11,000 It has the 3FE 4.0L inline 6 cylinder engine, automatic transmission, and full time AWD with the ability to go into low range offroad. It has a center locker and an...
  9. Shimmering

    For Sale  Selling my LX470 2003 - For Sale

    159xxx miles Currently being driven in Southern California. Asking $14897 OBO Thank You
  10. jedwin

    For Sale  SOLD 1998 UZJ100 SO CAL $6750.00

    98' UZJ100, 249k miles. $6750.00 Hey there, im selling my 1998 Toyota Landcruiser with 248k. LC has been very well maintained. I get lots of complements on it. 2 owners since 2006 (and ive only had it about 18 months. Large folder full of maintenance records, and original documentation...
  11. CruiserStuff

    For Sale  SOLD - 1976 Smog Legal FJ40 (So Cal)

    7/28/19 - SOLD After about a decade of owning and enjoying this rig, it's time to let it go. This is a dune beige 1976 FJ40 that has, to the best of my knowlege, always been a California vehicle. Recently put a solid 2F in it that I sourced from Georg at Valley Hybrids. Runs well and gets...
  12. SIPAEZ

    Has anyone gotten their LC registered trough Montana to drive in CA?

    I’m planing on getting a TLC 77 and from what I can tell is going to be hard to register it in CA. I was wondering if anyone out there has gone trough a Montana LLC to register the truck in Montana and be able to drive it in CA? Thank you
  13. SIPAEZ

    California Environmental Engineering

    Hello there I'm new here! I wanted to know if there is anyone out there with experience taking their JDM Toyotas to "California Environmental Engineering"? I'm planning to get a 1992 77 series and worst case scenario I might have to take there. Does anyone know what's the actual pricing? Thanks
  14. Octave Zangs

    Wanted  Landcruiser FJ62 - Clean body, broken transmission/engine is ok

    UPDATED: Hi, I'm looking for a stock FJ62 in the 200k miles range or less, no rust, close to Portland, OR is a plus, but can ship it if needed. The least modifications the better. No or broken engine/transmission is fine as I currently have a FJ62 on hand with new transmission and good engine...
  15. M

    California Diesel Registration

    Hello all, long time lurker first time poster. I am trying to bring a lovely 83 BJ60 into California and I was under the impression it could be done, but I've now heard from a reliable source that the Reg 31 form has changed recently and it's no longer possible to get it legally registered. So...
  16. dksaver

    For Sale  87 FJ60 CALIFORNIA

    87 landcruiser FJ60 142000 miles on truck Inline 6cylinder 5 Speed Transmission H55f (Import from AU) AC working good(R134 convert) Rebuild Transmission and transfer case No rust under chasis Performance header(sor) New paint(when I paint. remove all the parts(molding, glass, door, mirror...
  17. Pescador74

    Wanted  LX470 lower tailgate

    Looking for a lower tailgate, undamaged preferably. Im in SoCal 91935. I will travel in area to pick up or will pay for shipping. Smokey Topaz Mica paint would be amazing!
  18. E

    Should I buy this?

    1983 FJ60 in fair to good condition at a great price. I live in California and my hesitation is as described: "I am selling as is. It was a CA Vehicle before being sold in Oregon at some time where the CA Emissions were pulled off the vehicle. I bought it and put emissions back on. Had it...
  19. T

    Wanted  WTB: UJZ100 or LX470 in Bay Area, CA

    I'm looking for a clean 100 or LX (no rust!) with documented service history. I will consider a completely stock to mild/mid build, as it may be used for the occasional commute. I am not looking to take on any projects. PM me with what you have and your price :)
  20. tschuszl

    Oregon/California Coast Road Trip

    Hey Guys, For Thanksgiving I am planning to take the FJ62 down the Oregon coast and into a bit of N California (obviously avoiding the wildfires). I am planning on camping most nights. Anybody have any must-see spots, good campsites, trails, etc...?
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