1. Baby Dingo

    Do Replacement Gear Indicator Lightbulbs Exist?

    Going through all of the dash and instrument panel bulbs and can't find any gear indicator bulbs out there or on the internet. Does anybody have a good line on replacements? We're in need one clear and one green. These are the low profile JDM V-2s. The base diameter is one cm. Best...
  2. T

    Headlights - Bulb positioning/output direction

    I have looked for other threads addressing this, but cannot find anything. I bought a 2004 LX 470 a few months ago and am loving it. My driver side headlight output seems to be pointed to the sky while my passenger side is much lower. I can see it when I pull into my driveway the main beam...
  3. fslful

    Instrument cluster back lighting dim out around 10mph SMD LED 2003 lexus gx470

    I'm aware that this is a common issue but even with all the forums on the 120 series I can't find anyone who actually have specs on what smd led will solder in to my burnt out gauge cluster behind the 0 - 20 mph area.. Help!!! I know I'm only one among many who need to fix their burned out gauge...
  4. SirBeef

    1988 FJ62 LED Interior Bulb Swap Chart (2020 Edition)

    Hey friends. I just finished upgrading all of my old dash bulbs, as well as cargo and dome lights, with new LEDs from SuperBrightLeds. I was using a list from an old thread on here, but most bulbs on the list were no longer in production. So...I made a new list with links, prices, colors...
  5. pozzi

    Wanted WANTED: early FJ80 front corner turn signal pigtails

    looking for both front socket harnesses for early (1991) FJ80 corner turn signal lights... parts that are circled in the attached photo bulbs are a bonus but nothing necessary I'm in Northern California but will pay to ship if needed Thanks!
  6. 1982FJoe40

    Bright Instrument Cluster Bulbs

    I should have gone LED. I just replaced my dash bulbs with the CoolCruiser magnum bulbs and I'm now blowing my fuse. Fuse is 15 amp, but I see some circuits are 20 amp. Has anyone else gone through this? Wondering if it's safe to switch to a 20 amp.
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