1. jesus888

    For Sale 1987 Toyota XtraCab 4X4 **BUILT**

    What I've realized in my ownership of this beast is that it was built to conquer the baddest of trails but doubles easily to conquer the baddest tail-gates before a game, too, or tooling around town, being the envy of EVERY high school aged kid for miles :) This rig was built by a...
  2. Isaacjohnstar

    For Sale Green 1999 Toyota Landcruiser, roof rack, ARB bumper, roof top tent $7,450

    Price Drop- $6,800 or best offer. Selling my 100 series. Green 1999 Toyota Landcruiser, roof rack, ARB bumper, roof top tent 268k miles Well maintained, runs well. Towing hitch receiver. I was told the timing belt and water pump were changed at 190k, but I have no records. The good...
  3. S

    Simple DIY 3-Link Using Factory Mounts Build

    This seemed like something super cool I'm playing with that should maybe get more attention than my build. Backstory: I'm building a FZJ80 to race King of the Hammers and Ultra4, and as everyone knows the stock radius arms suck ass. I am allowed to run 14" travel shocks for my class, but the...
  4. goose4433

    For Sale FJ60 Smitty Built Front Bumper

    Getting rid of this bumper. Local pickup only. Make me an offer.
  5. Tennessee80

    Trade Built 60/62 for 80 series

    Hey mud, I love my 80 series, and it is my second of that type of cruiser. I have had the 60 itch for many moons, and I fully understand the trade off with comfort and, arguably, capability. Anyway, I am looking for a built 60 to trade with my built 80 series. PM me if you want details on my...
  6. F

    2005 GX470 Built

    2005 Lexus GX470 Well built- 151,000 miles, no kdss or nav, timing belt done at 90k, do dash issues, ash blue. Vehicle now runs and drives perfect. When I first purchased I was not happy with front end so I replaced EVERYTHING. I just replaced the gears (stock) after shearing a pinion on a...
  7. SNLC

    For Sale 2000 UZJ100 heavily built to the max for Overlanding

    I purchased this truck in November of 2015 after searching for over a month. I was looking for a West Coast Cruiser, in particular a SoCal truck and I found one in Portland, Oregon that spent almost it's entire life in SoCal before being sold at auction and ending up in Oregon. When I purchased...
  8. Riverrunner

    Trade A Built 80 For A 100 Series Denver, CO

    I am toying with the idea of trading my 80 for a 100 series. I love the 80 and its been everywhere with me but, kids, changes in life, blah blah blah....you guys have heard it before. Right now I am only interested in trading for an 100 for simplicity reasons. Its my only vehicle and I need a...
  9. krice118

    craigslist 2008 Salsa Built TX - Not Mine - $28k

    Not affliated 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser
  10. O

    Wanted 100 Series Built Expo Ready

    Looking to purchase a rust free built expo ready 100 series. The perfect example would be Layonnn 2001 River Rock Mica UZJ100. If you have a similar quality rig or know of one lets talk. Cheers Oakmont
  11. AZcruisers100and80

    craigslist $65k built 1996 (unaffiliated) "I've put over $100k into this Truck"

    Not a practical price-point for most, but an interesting rig, with a proper looking supercharger setup, nice gear, and very clean looking in pics. A few weeks ago I saw a 97 w lockers and 77k miles go for 29k on Ebay, but this 1996 one takes the prices to a different level. Sadly, probably not...
  12. RicksAdventures

    Custom Built Winch Bumper-LX470

    Have any of you built your own front end/winch bumper? I cant justify(read: 'afford') the price tag of a Slee or an ARB. Materials to build and bedline one for myself would come in under $400. A guy on Expedition Portal did it on a GX 470( Front bumper build. Step by step guide... - Expedition...
  13. lostih

    For Sale 1999 Built Cruiser - Portland, OR Area

    SOLD Time to sell my latest build. Awesome family hauler and wheeler...just spend too much time on the pavement to justify keeping her around. I believe I am the third or fourth owner. Purchased at 158k miles from person who had it from 60k miles on. Here are the specs: -Factory rear locker...
  14. H

    For Sale OKLA: 97 LX 450 Locked Built

    For Sale: 97 LX450: 217000 miles Suspension: -OME springs -850J front -863 rear -30mm spring spacers on all springs -OME shocks -Land Tank caster plates -Custom rear lower control arms (.33” longer and sleeved with 1.75” .120 wall) -extended rear sway bar mounts -front sway bar not installed...
  15. S

    For Sale 2003 Imperial Jade Mica LC - Overland Built - 169k Austin, TX

    SOLD Highlights: 2003 Toyota Land Cruiser Imperial Jade Mica Tan Interior 169k Miles (will go up slightly as I continue to drive it) 4th owner RUST FREE ARB Air Locker Ready! First year of the 5 speed transmission and stronger front differential! Maintenance History: I have two...
  16. G

    For Sale 1998 Land Cruiser - Built - 221,XXX - CO

    Putting up my 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser with 221,000 miles for sale, $14,000. In fantastic condition, built very well with details below. Everything in good working order, body and paint in excellent condition. Have all receipts from the time I've owned the vehicle, purchased in 2012, can share...
  17. Jkny

    SOLD Built 08 4th gen 4runner NY/MA

    I am selling my beloved built 4th gen 4runner, Sad to see it go but I am moving into a different truck that I feel better suits my needs. I have built this 4runner over the last 4 years into what it is today. I am the second owner with a clean title in hand. Basic info Silver 2008 Toyota...
  18. livebetter36

    who built my fj60

    I am a recovering jeeper and just bought an already built FJ60. Based on how this thing was done they builder must have been a member of this forum. Looking to see if anyone can help me contact. I'd love to have vids and/or pics of the build process. Its a yellow 84 with a stroker, f350...
  19. C6H12O6

    For Sale Not mine... 2008 built 200 $35K Portland, OR

    No affiliation. Looks like an interesting mix of done the right way and kind of thrown together and beat up a little. Probably somebody from 'MUD who built it up and used the heck out of it. Great truck for somebody if it checks out. 2008 *Toyota* *Land* *Cruiser* *4WD* *Built* *V8*...
  20. OptimusPrime

    For Sale Built 03 For Sale in SLC 229k $9500

    Found this while perusing KSL. Seems like a solid deal since its already built... Kind of wish I could re-do the purchase of my stock 99 and get this instead. I've always longed for the gray/black interior and black tint on these later models. The tan interior and brown tint on mine hasn't...
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