1. Skrugg

    Brake Booster Rod Adjustment

    Hey all, I just installed a new brake booster. I measured the new booster's rod and it was about .05" shorter than the old booster. I tried adjusting it, but I couldn't get the adjuster to move when I tried turning it. I assume the nut on the end of the rod is what is supposed to rotate? I went...
  2. Landbruiser100

    For Sale 00-02 100 landcruiser (used) Master cylinder. Delmarva USA

    Have the master cylinder from my 2000 100 series Land Cruiser US gas 4.7 WITH ABS TRAC used in 2000 to 2002 L/C's. Bought rebuilt kit, cleaned per service manual. Took to Delaware Toyota Dealer for bleed as it is recommended to bleed this system with OBD connection. Toyota declined to bleed...
  3. M

    Brake Booster Mystery

    Hopefully someone can help me out with this one. Currently I do not have brake assist on my 1985 FJ-60 meaning it more coasts to a stop than actual braking. This truck sat for 14 years so I am running in to a lot of weird things. I just finished doing a valve job due to a stuck intake valve...
  4. RyRoRyan

    Possible Brake booster issue

    Dont have my cruiser with me so I dont have my FSM with me either. However I am pretty sure that I have a booster problem and was going to grab the part on the way home but wanted to confirm with yall first to confirm my suspicions. Brakes do work better when engine is running than not. (I...
  5. suntrakr

    Brake booster upgrade for '81 fJ with front disc conversion

    Any recommendations for best bang for buck brake booster upgrade? currently running OEM booster (i think) but running a front axle/disc conversion (poss 60series). About to do a frame off to sort the chassis and keen to improve brakes if poss. Any recommendations?
  6. bjarnep

    Booster pump

    My trusted vehicle decided on the date of 5 years ownership. That a new assembly of brake booste assy (incl boosterpump and master cylinder - part code 4705060013) needs to be replaced. The HW price here in Vietnam is approximately 2.250USD. Is that an OK price compared? Or should I wait and buy...
  7. rkymtnflyfisher

    SOLD Brake Booster from a 73

    Pulled from a 73 FJ40 I parted, seemed to work fine when the 40 was running. I opened it up and cleaned it, looked great, no tears, rubber was like brand new. $100 plus the ride from 21782
  8. Farmboy29455

    For Sale F40 booster and master cylinder

    I beleve this all of 1976. It's ugly, but all worked when removed. $75 plus ride from 97070
  9. P

    BJ73 clutch booster - removing.

    Has anyone deleted the clutch booster from a BJ73? If so, what master cylinder works? Reasons why I want to do this: -Turbo clearance. -The booster is stuffed and NLA; currently just acting as a long connecting rod between my pedal and master cyl.
  10. wngrog

    Adding a new Brake Booster to an early Non-booster FJ-40

    I bought a new brake booster from @Racer65 and finally worked up the nerve to install it. Dual Diaphragm Disc Brake Booster for Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ55 FJ60 My firewall is Swiss cheese from the original master to the 4 bolt non-ABS 80 master I was trying to make work non boosted. Well...
  11. D

    Does anyone know the size of the vacuum line for the clutch booster on a bj74

    the part number is 31438-60041. I rebuilt my clutch and would like to hook the vacuum line that goes between the booster and the reservoir unfortunately I lost min...d'oh. Any idea what size it is? It is much bigger than any other vacuum hose I am used to seeing.. Also the one on the turbo...
  12. Nifski

    Wanted Clutch line from booster to slave

    Need a unbent hard line from slave to booster for a 1977 FJ40, let me know. Thx,N
  13. F

    For Sale GX470-Break Booster -NOT WORKING

    $100 plus shipping from central Oklahoma I have a complete break booster/master cylinder for a 2004 GX 470 that is NOT WORKING. It gave the following codes c1223, c1241, c1256, c1340. I replaced with new unit. I don't know what's wrong with this one other than the codes above. This is the...
  14. V

    For Sale Fzj80 new Toyota brake booster in So Cal.

    Have a new Toyota brake booster for 1993/1997 FZJ80 part #44610 60792 in so cal. Will let it go for 300.00.
  15. DoubleNickels

    Pig Compatible: FJ62 Brake Master Cylinder and Booster ?

    I have a line on a used brake booster and master cylinder from an FJ62. Thinking this would be a nice compliment to the recent front disc conversion (mini-truck) on my 1974 Piggy (2F motor, stock). Is there anything I'm over-looking? Will this be a bolt-in upgrade, or will I need a spacer or...
  16. pardion

    For Sale [CA] FJ40/45/55 1978ish Brake Booster

    Worked when I pulled it over 20 years ago, selling as core, with check valve. Good to have an extra to send out for rebuild to eliminate some downtime $65.00 plus shipping. Please PM Thanks, John
  17. Stealthmimic

    For Sale Master Cylinder for Year 2000, 100 Series LC

    Came out of a vehicle w ABS, VSC and TRAC. Diagnosed with a bad ABS booster pump motor. Everything else worked as of r/r w new unit. The ABS booster pump motor requiring rebuild comes w this unit. As far as I know all other components (MC, ECU, Accumulator) are in serviceable condition. Other...
  18. T

    BJ-42 Brake Work, New Booster and repairing master

    Hi, It has been a while since I have posted anything but I thought I should start again with the current repairs. The cruiser has been parked since last summer due to a lack of time/funds. But it is now time to get it back on the road. It has a few issues to be dealt with but the most important...
  19. B

    For Sale 1999 100 series Land Cruiser Brake master cylinder with booster pump and ABS

    Hello all, Up for sale is a 1999 100 series Land Cruiser Brake master cylinder with booster pump and ABS. This unit came out of my father's truck and was replaced with a completely new unit. Mileage is approximately 215k. The pump failed to turn on and fill the reservoir with pressure. I...
  20. B

    Booster Issue?

    LC members, Searched through all the Brake Booster threads I could and not sure if I found the answer to this problem. Replaced all Pads on 1972 (10/71) LC Bled Master Cylinder, Front and Rear brakes (roughly 2 pints) and adjusted the shoes to a nice rub. I step on the brake when driving...
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