1. BJ70


    My 1985 JDM BJ70
  2. BJ70


    My 1985 JDM BJ70
  3. BJ70


    My 1985 JDM BJ70
  4. BJ70


    My 1985 JDM BJ70 Land Cruiser
  5. BJ70


    My 1985 JDM BJ70 Land Cruiser
  6. BJ70


    My 1985 JDM BJ70 Land Cruiser
  7. BJ70


    My 1985 JDM BJ70 Land Cruiser
  8. BJ70


    My 1985 JDM BJ70 Land Cruiser
  9. 1985 BJ70

    1985 BJ70

    1985 BJ70 Land Cruiser
  10. R

    Looking for PZJ70 exhaust

    My PZJ70 has the exhaust rotting out and i need to replace it. Best and preferably cheaper way to fix this? Would prefer a whole new set up but I feel they are too hard to find and therefore expensive. Anyone have ideas? Compatible vehicles?? Cheers for any help
  11. F

    A/C Compatibility with LJ70

    Hello Folks! I have a 1985 LJ70 or Land Cruiser II which I acquired recently and it doesn't have A/C like the BJ70... It has the 2.8 liter Diesel 3B engine... I was wondering if there is some compatibility I can take into consideration like a newer A/C module from a 1998 4Runner for example or...
  12. U

    Canadian BJ70: Looking For Opinions

    Hi Everyone, 1987 Toyota LandCruiser BJ70 - Diesel LHD | Cars & Trucks | Calgary | Kijiji I am hoping to get some opinions on this BJ70 that i am looking at. It seems to be mechanically sound, when i checked it out it started right up with no smoke. It shifted smoothly and accelerated good...
  13. Olm8withamullet

    13 bt swap into 85 bj70

    Hi all After cooking my clutch in my 1985 12 volt bj70 on the weekend I have decided to swap in a 24 volt 13 bt sometime in the next week to replace the tired 3b. The 13 bt is a 1989 blue block (8 bolt flywheel) I have read that it is different to the original 3b 6 bolt flywheel. Are the body...
  14. Captain Sanuk

    For Sale  1989 LJ73 Turbo Diesel - Northern California

    DEPOSIT RECEIVED, PENDING SALE...1989 LJ73 with removable top and fold-down windshield. This truck has some rust and needs a little work but is a serious head-turner. The LJ73 has the 2LT turbo charged diesel, 5 speed transmission and the front coil springs. Regular left-hand drive, power...
  15. D

    For Sale  1986 BJ70 Complete Driveline 3B H155

    I recently purchased and had shipped this vehicle from John in CA. 252K Kilometers. The body is still on frame, but parted. Dash is complete, Steering is complete, Both axle assemblies, both driveshafts. Engine is untouched All accessories belts hoses radiator relays it is a 24 Volt car. This...
  16. J

    For Sale  1992 Diesel Toyota Land Cruiser LJ71, 2 Door Prado, Diff Lock

    1992 Diesel Toyota Land Cruiser LX5 LJ71, 2 Door SWB, Low Miles! 4wd with Diff Lock JDM No Rust, body in very good original condition, see photos! Right Hand Drive RHD, Rare 2 door, LJ71 Prado model Body, interior, and under the hood all in good condition, solid frame, no rust, 22 mpg Toyota...
  17. Sean Davis

    Aisin hubs for post 1990 BJ70

    I can't seem to find which hubs are correct for my 1993 BJ-70. After spending a full hour looking online it seems that something changed post 1990 with Aisin hubs, but all information is hazy. Ebay shows listings for 30 spline HT-013 fits 82-90 Locking Hub AISIN FHT-013 fits 82-90 Toyota Land...
  18. Captain Sanuk

    For Sale  1986 BJ70 LHD Northern CA

    1986 BJ70 imported from Southern Alberta, Canada. Totally stock with the exception of 31 inch tires. Purchased from an older gentleman that used it for cruising through BC in the summer. Vehicle has been repainted at some point in the past. The under-carriage was treated and looks dry and...
  19. sevewone

    Wanted  LHD 70 series bj70

    still looking for something half decent. I know these "want to buy" threads can go nowhere but I thought I would give it a whirl . Budget is around 15,000 and I do not want a rhd one. I am located in Canada . Thanks
  20. That Finnish Gu

    Help with fuel problem 86 BJ70

    Hi I have a 86 BJ70 w/ 3B 3.4L and I'm having a fuel problem. The engine turns over but doesn't start. I put in a new fuel pump and that hasn't fixed the problem. My next guess is the fuel relay but I'm having trouble finding any info on where it is. I know about the relay fuses underneath the...
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