1. Hugh Heifer

    FAQ  1988 BJ7X Radiator R&R - with pics

    There are a few threads out there about radiators for the BJ70 series and what to do or where to get them as they age. The clear solution IMO is to core your original. I recently discovered that my little '88 BJ73 was running hot and hated climbing hills. I overheated badly driving over Blowing...
  2. Onur

    Builds  1985 JDM 3B Engine Rebuild and Other Stories
    Engine: 3B REBUILD BJ70 JDM

    Well, since crap hit the fan, figure it is time to do this correctly. I was planning on a head rebuild only but when I pulled head and cleaned up pistons, all 4 were cracked unfortunately. So off to the races we go. This thread will document the head and block rebuild. IP has already been...
  3. Onur

    Part Picture Request: 24V Fusible Link

    Hi: Need a bit of assistance if anyone has any time. Looking for a picture of an OEM, non-molested fusible link preferably from a 24v 7x series truck. It would be on the positive terminal of the "positive" battery-- one closest to the firewall on the LH side. You would need to pull up the...
  4. W

    For Sale  New Jersey, Toyota Land Cruiser BJ70 1990 ~~~

    Toyota Land Cruiser BJ70 1990 $ 16,000 ! This is an imported car from Costa Rica. the VIN number is BJ700001071 Engine Specifications 177 miles (285 kilometers) Model: 3B-II displacement: 3431 cc injection: indirect horsepower: 90, 93 or 98 at 3500 RPM torque: 159, 163, or 167 ftlbs at 2200...
  5. FieldCruiser

    Building a J70 with OEM coils. Toyota 2020 concept

    As some of you may have seen, toyota appears to have revealed a coiled j70 swb concept with HD axles in Japan earlier this week. Now as some of us can contest, the leafs on a swb HD cruiser mainly on a bj70, can feel a bit off for a vehicle it's size, my opinion. Although nothing inherently...
  6. L

    New member with J70 questions

    Hello, I’m new so I’d like to preface this by saying that if this is better suited for the import forum just let me know! I’m looking at a LJ70 that I found near me, it’s already registered in my state and a reasonable price which are two big pluses for me. The biggest single hang up is that...
  7. webbz47

    3B Rotary Injection Pump leak

    My 87' BJ70 sits a lot since I only use it in the fall months. Recently I noticed some diesel leakage underneath the truck. The top of the IP looks dry but from underneath the truck I can see that there is a plate on the side of the IP that is covered. From what I've read on previous threads...
  8. jessieee77

    rust free bj73 price guide

    Hello, just purchased a bj73 , 1985 3B body has no rust and interior is quiet clean. Exterior paint is not bad, few scratches, Engine has 600,000kms though. Wondering what a rough price for Australia would be.? Has a bulbar small tyres, spotlights roof fack just general small things.
  9. LCBj70

    For Sale  SOLD:1985 BJ70, LHD, 12V, Knoxville, TN

    I have a 1985 NA BJ70. 150k miles. Now asking $19,000, but please make an offer. I am guessing at a price based on comparables out there. Age old tale... bought it with high hopes of spending more time on the trail, but it's not happening. Hopefully someone can use it more. I am going to...
  10. Jiffy

    For Sale  1989 BJ73 LHD

    Hi I am posting this for a friend, it is in NS, Canada, he is asking $8000, and can be contacted through kijiji if needed.
  11. M

    For Sale  H55F 5 Speed Transmission W/ Transfer Case

    Rebuilt Transmission/Split Tranfer Case, like brand new with new internals and nuts and bolts. $4800 obo Alberta, Canada
  12. T

    Wanted  Starter for '86 BJ70 diesel

    Hey out there. I'm having trouble sourcing for a starter for my '86 BJ70 diesel. I've emailed a couple Japanese companies as well as a company somewhere in Europe. I've had my identity stolen before and fishing around all over creation makes me really uncomfortable. Any tips on where I might...
  13. PinkLemon

    BJ70 3B Injector Pump Leak

    I have read all the injector pump leak posts on here I could find and whilst some are very similar I couldn't find someone asking my exact question... There is diesel leaking out of the top of my 1985 BJ70 3B injector pump. I noticed it on the ground about a month ago and before I could find...
  14. That Finnish Gu

    First time breaking something on my BJ70

    Was doing some driving on trails in Northern Michigan and might have hit a bump a little too big in one of the many mud pits I drove through. I'm having the mount welded back and reinforced but I also noticed the shock is almost worn out. Does anybody have good brands for new shocks?
  15. BJ70


    My 1985 JDM BJ70
  16. BJ70


    My 1985 JDM BJ70
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    My 1985 JDM BJ70
  18. BJ70


    My 1985 JDM BJ70
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    My 1985 JDM BJ70
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    My 1985 JDM BJ70
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