1. mrjordann

    Anyone seen a Full-covering FJ40 Bikini Top??

    Hi, found this pic of a Jeep with a soft top which covers the whole vehicle, but not the sides. Here's a pic Anyone seen this for FJ40? I have a bikini top from bestop, but it makes the back seats basically useless. Thanks!
  2. HundyImHome

    For Sale  2 Piece Bestop Doors for FJ40 - $300

    I have a pair of 2 piece Bestop Soft Doors that were purchased for a 1975. I am asking $450 for the Bestop Doors and will ship. DM me your zip and I’ll let you know cost for shipping.
  3. mrjordann

    Wanted  Full-size FJ40 Soft Doors

    I want a pair of black, full-size soft doors for my FJ40. I don't care if they turn into half doors, or if they're permanently full-size. I just want some soft doors. Thanks!
  4. mrjordann

    FJ40 owners- do you have a bikini top?

    Hello! I am looking for a soft top for my 73 fj40. I have been considering the Bestop bikini top. If you have the Bestop brand, I have a question. Do I need to screw anything into my windshield frame? Or can I use the pre-existing holes from the hardtop? And if you don't have Bestop brand, what...
  5. shaggy_mutt

    Anyone looking for an old FJ40 Bestop?

    Bestop Tiger Top, off my 40. Frame (I think one small piece is missing, but it's available from Bestop for $20 shipped), and the vinyl top itself. Needs the little button thingies that go at the top of the tub, and possibly the rail that goes at the top of the windshield. Asking $100. If you're...
  6. cbmontgo

    Trade  Gray Bestop Fold & Tumble Seat for Black

    I've got one similar to the one pictured below, but would prefer black. Let me know if anyone wants to trade.
  7. David70FJ40

    For Sale  Bestop Soft Top for FJ40

    Now that I have a hard top in the repair line, the soft top I have will no longer be needed. It is a Bestop Super top. (I know, looks like a Jeep top. It was what I could afford at the time.) Black with no tears, rips or damaged places. I have used it for two winters and it is tight and...
  8. peteinjp

    Bestop paddle replacement- late model

    A buddy of mine here in Japan bought a set of Bestop doors without any handles. He asked me to help him figure out what might fit and how to get it all set up. I'm gonna call Bestop they have to say but I was wondering if anybody else had any thoughts or experience in terms of alternative...
  9. Rustic76

    For Sale  Bestop half doors, best price I've seen

    While searching the web for a set of half doors for my 45, I found this deal. $184 for the pair. Basically $100 cheaper that anywhere else. Ordered a set and after about a week I got the notification that they shipped and are on the way. Just wanted to pass the deal on to my fellow FJ45...
  10. Shep59

    For Sale  (Ms) Half Doors (Bestop?)

    Found this pair of half doors while cleaning up. They may be Bestop but can't remember. Skins are tight but have a couple of tears, they aren't bent. I put the hinges in my media blaster and cleaned them up and added a coat of primer and found some new bolts for grins and giggles... $70 for...
  11. White Stripe

    Bestop doors

    I'm thinking of getting some bestop doors. Hoping to get opinions of quality of them from those that have them. Any issues? Some reviews on amazon says the top half doesn't slide into the bottom half very well. Does that indeed seem to be the case? Thanks FJ40 Bestop Soft Doors: '64-'84
  12. david2

    For Sale  FJ40 Softop Bestop Supertop

    Great condition top, GRAY $540 + shipping AZ 85621
  13. spencer184

    Trade  FJ40 bestop soft top, trade for hard top

    Have a like new bestop black leather soft top and all the needed hardware, wanting to trade on (partial or full condition dependent) on a full hard top set up. mines a 73' so if the hard top is for that its a bonus. the soft top is in great shape, only mounted and sat in the garage for a few...
  14. stock

    Re-skin a Bestop with OEM and straps

    I love the look of OEM soft tops like the ones @Trollhole makes, but I want the sun on me and like to put the windshield down when wheeling and You can't do that with his. You can with Bestop Supertop® but I don't like the "look" as much. I dig the straps and canvas look etc of OEM. Has...
  15. WaTrout88

    For Sale  FJ40 Bestop Soft Top w/ Doors - $750

    I am selling my Gray Bestop Soft Top w/ Doors off my 1978 FJ40. Starting price $750. I live in Spokane, WA. Can ship if need be but the shipping is not included in my price. Here is my craigslist add. FJ40 Bestop Soft Top w/ Doors - Gray
  16. SuperTrooper808

    For Sale  FJ40 Black Bestop

    FJ40 Bestop in pretty good shape. Windows have pretty solid clarity, the shot of it on the ground is condensation. I'll send out as much of the hardware as I can get off. I am in Hawaii so just been using the bikini top, this has been sitting in the closet for a few months. I will need to get a...
  17. MarcoPolo

    Wanted  Supertop corner retainers

    Hi All! I'm looking for a pair of the belt-rail system corner retainers for my JF40. Wife & I moved Aug/Sept and having looked for and not finding them I'm hoping someone here (on the off chance) might have a "spare" pair they would be willing to part with. Thanks!
  18. fordyota

    SOLD  New FJ40 Bestop Top and Doors

    Got these in May, decided to go with a hardtop. They have not even been in the rain yet. Like new condition. Has all parts and hardware to install. Doors have removable uppers. $400 for soft top $200 for doors or $500 for both Buyer pays shipping from Seattle, WA.
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