1. gonzopancho

    Champion Wheel has suspended operations

    Milan Garrett, the owner of Champion Wheel, died (suddenly, apparently) on 30 June 2019. The family doesn't seem to know how, or want to, carry on. They're not accepting any new orders for conversions. Their Facebook page currently has this as a pinned post: Champion Wheel USA July 2 ·...
  2. S

    SOLD  Utah: 5x Trail Ready Beadlocks

    Selling 5x Trail Ready 17x8.5 4.5BS 6 lug beadlocks. $1800. Located in Cedar City UT, and can get them between Las Vegas and Salt Lake City. Tires not included, but are also for sale. Will entertain trades for 8 lug beadlocks/40s/42s/etc.
  3. Alexh85

    Cheap DIY Bead lock rims

    I wanted a set of bead locks for my bush truck but didn't want to spend too much money. I bought 4 second hand 15x8 steel rims. Instead of buying a weld on bead lock kit i went to an engineering shop and got 8 rings water jet cut out of 6mm mild steel sheet I drilled the holes myself to keep...
  4. Tony_Farson

    SOLD  Champion 15x10, 6 on 5.5 w/4" BS - $1500

    Gents, I acquired 4 Champion Beadlocks. These things sell for over $500 EACH new! Asking $1,500 FIRM. I am in Reno, so you'll need to arrange pick up or pay for shipping. I can take cash or paypal. Hit me up if interested. NOTE: THESE ARE NOT DOT APPROVED FOR ON-HWY USE! They are well...
  5. sugarsam

    For Sale  TRD Rock warriors 17"

    TRD Rock Warrior beadlock rims. 17x8 +50mm 5x150 with TPMS They are in great shape!! No tires $1100 602-386-7145 (text or call) (Pic from online, will post pics soon)
  6. dadswithcars

    For Sale  TRD Beadlock Bronze including spare 16x6.5 6x5.5

    5 wheels, Toyota P/N ALY69577 , 16x7.5, 6 Lug, 5.5 Inch Bolt Pattern, 12 slot machined/painted "TRD Beadlock" , Made in England The wheels are all in excellent shape. The 5th wheel ring is not as shiny as the others-- it is available separately. Note: The wheels have tires on them--I've only...
  7. gumba

    For Sale  1967/2012 FJ40 VORTEC

    1967 Fj40 with 5.3 VORTEC & 4L60E six speed AUTO. motor & transfer only have 14,000 miles on them. ARB front and back locked, shift kit installed in 4l60e & ART car shifter, transfer case gone threw, disk brakes on all 4 tires, BRAND NEW FST solid cold forged aluminum BEADLOCK rims with 35 inch...
  8. joekatana

    For Sale  5 beadlock wheels with 38" Swampers

    PRICE DROP 800$ !!!!!! I am selling my Mickey Thompson wheels with OMF beadlock rings and 38/15.5/15 Super Swamper tires.I have 5 of them in total but the fifth tire has some sidewall damage and needs to be repaired.I had these on my FJ40 crawler and they performed excellent,the 40 is gone and...
  9. joekatana

    For Sale  Hutchinson beadlock wheels with 40" Toyo MT tires

    TIRES AND WHEELS ARE SOLD I am selling my Hutchinson D.O.T. legal beadlock wheels and 40" Toyo MT tires.I have 5 wheels and 4 tires. I bought the wheels of another Mud member last year that was running these under his 80 series.I was thinking about putting a soa on my HZJ73 and run these with...
  10. M

    For Sale  Aluminum beadlocks

    Four 15"x12" aluminum wheels with champion beadlocks , 6x5.5" lug pattern , 3 1/2" backspace . Plus one extra bead ring . Typical rock rash on rings. These are wide wheels gives tires very wide look . $500 and buyer pays shipping . Located in Vacaville CA (near Sacramento)
  11. firefight

    Wanted  Hutchinson Wheels 6x5.5

    Just missed out on robustbambi wheels he had for sale on here. Looking for a set of Hutchinson Rock Monster wheels for the 80 series, 6x5.5. I have a photo of his wheels he just sold. Looking for the same ones. Thanks, Sheldon
  12. V

    For Sale  Hutchinson 17" Beadlocks for UZJ100 / URJ200 / Tundra

    I have been sitting on eight Hutchinson WA-0550 beadlock wheels...I originally was going to put them on my two LX's, but I think I am going to keep one LX more street oriented and just use four on the other one. So I am entertaining the idea of selling one set of four. These are all new wheels...
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