1. The Decoy

    Handbook for the BJ40 owner

    Hi, I’m looking for a manual to help me with any basic fixes, or to just generally learn, about a BJ 40 LX ‘82. Can anyone advise me if there is a ‘go-to’ manual for these vehicles?
  2. C

    Builds  Sandy Taupe HZJ75 Troopy Build

    Long time reader, first time caller here. I've owned an FJ62 for past 5 years or so, all kitted out and really an awesome truck. Over the last year I've been on the hunt for a troopy project as I believe it really is the best long distance camping/"overland" vehicle. Turns out in March when the...
  3. Boxer

    Builds  FRANK THE TANK - Landcruiser panel van build

    Hey all, Bit late to the party posting this as it’s getting closer to completion, but I figured some people might be interested. I’ve been on here a while, I’ve just been more of a reader than a poster. Will try harder :) I’ve had my 80 since 2010 and I’m the second owner. The first owner and...
  4. 12htHj61

    12ht Coolant Temps

    G'day everyone what is a suitable coolant temp for the 12ht. I have fitted a redarc temp gauge into the top of the thermostat housing. On a 40° day doing between 100 and 110kmh the gauge sits on 95° to 100° when driving around town on any other day it sits on 90° with aircon on or off. Also run...
  5. C

    HJ45 alternator upgrade

    Does anyone have any solution to upgrading the alternator with out a custom bracket.
  6. schoonerwizard

    New Guy - G'day Everyone!

    Hey guys! I bought my 1984 HJ60 a few months back for a bit of a bargain. She was pretty much stock except for a bullbar and a saggy Old Man Emu lift. She even had the 2H fully rebuilt 4,000KM's ago. Maybe the bargain was too good to be true... She wouldn't start one morning I thought it was...
  7. M

    Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne Australia, places to shop for Hundy

    Curious as to any off-roading warehouse or outlets from Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne Australia? Planning a trip to Australia and wouldn’t mind doing some shopping for my Hundy/LX470. Any recommendations is appreciated.
  8. shay

    60 In action up the Norther Territory with Roothy

    Got to the chance to do some 4WD and touring un in Australia's Norther Territory with my 60 Series. Bloody awesome trip and they have released it now as a digital download at The 60 performed really well and held...
  9. maujkar

    LC200 ClearView Towing Mirrors : Not-so-Long Term Review

    I guess we all get excited to hear about new products making our overloading experiences interesting. I tow a relatively big camper trailer and was in the market for reliable towing mirror or some kind of wide-blind-spot attachments to my side-mirrors. In came the clear-view towing mirrors and i...
  10. O

    10/74 Aussie 40

    I was lucky enough to pick up a 10/74 FJ40 in June of 2017. It is my understanding the truck spent most of its life in country Victoria but the last ten years in Perth, Western Australia. After a months reading this forum, tinkering along I thought it was my turn to document my progress and...
  11. J

    Anyone Imported to Guam Before?

    Full disclaimer: New to the forum and will be new to the Land Cruiser life if I can pull this off. I apologize if this question has been asked before but I didn't find anything in my research so I'm hoping I can still get some information. It looks as if I might be moving to Guam next spring...
  12. GTSSportCoupe

    gumtree Australia

    Anyone here tried buying anything off gumtree (Australia) before? There's an item there I'd really like. I've signed up and all, but not sure of the risks or pitfalls of buying something through it. Wondering if there is any experience here.
  13. C

    For Sale  FJ45 Troop Carrier Ex Fire Vehicle in Australia

    Thought some might appreciate this cool ex fire service troopy up for Auction. Pity it is in Australia!
  14. C

    For Sale  FJ 56 Fire Truck in Australia - Japan import

    Saw this today, imagine it is pretty rare. A shame it is in Australia. J-FJ56F-Q Fire Truck imported from Japan I see SOR have one similar but does anyone know of any other 40/50...
  15. C

    Who wants a Land Cruiser from Australia decked out with Australian accessories

    i live in australia and im planning to come to the usa around the 22nd of may. if you want a troopy etc i will happily arrange everything and collect and move the vehicle over there for you and my only fee for helping by doing all the ground work is that i would like to travel in it with my wife...
  16. tampacruiser95

    What is the best time of year to visit Australia?

    I am interested in planning a vacation to Australia. When is the best time of year to visit? Looking to go in the next year and want to hit the rain forest, desert, barrier reef, and beaches. Hopefully rent some cruisers and see some wild life. Maybe check out some goods for my 80 and 120...
  17. F

    Newby from Australia

    Hey guys, long timer lurker, first time poster. Picked up my 83 FJ40 LX 3 weeks ago from a guy in Sydney and drove it the 1,000km home to Queensland. I really wanted to do a restoration myself, but after a lot of soul-searching and comparing my ambition to my actual skills, it made more sense...
  18. tlaporte

    My Blue Beast, which is no longer blue

    Many, many moons ago (it must be at least 12 years, because I got it before I was married, "when it was still my money" as SWMBO said at the time) I traveled to Ballina, NSW, Australia in response to this ad: Yes, even in 2004 the Internet was a place to skive off and search for a dream. It...
  19. B

    Valve body upgrade Wholesale Automatics Australia

    Anybody have any experience with these valve body upgrades from wholesale automatics from Australia any info would be appreciated thanks
  20. smittycrusher

    75 in Australia help

    Anyone in Australia that would be willing to help a buddy of mine (who is not on mud) find a 75 in Australia? Ideally he can find a nice one, have someone in Australia do all of the baselining, make sure everything is good to go (brakes, suspensions, etc.) and then we can import it to the...
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