1. FatHero

    For Sale BaT Auction 1987 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 - Not mine

    No affiliation to the website or the seller. Just wanted to share this one because I'm dying for this rig. For whatever is good or bad with it, it just has the look that does it for me. Alas, I just dumped my remaining meager liquid cash into my 200, and my 100 is only halfway done. BaT...
  2. T

    eBay 2006 Land Cruiser 100, ARB, OME, Auction

    This is my Land Cruiser. Ebay ad is attached. If there are more questions please let me know. Admins, if I'm not allowed to post ebay links please delete, I don't know if it allowed or not. It is about to meet the reserve so it will sell on Ebay. Truck is located in Little Rock, Arkansas...
  3. S

    eBay TWO FJ60s on Auction Site

    Found these on a new classic 4x4 auctioning website (not eBay, and not mine): A blue 1985 FJ60, 118,000 on original engine, 4" OME lift and 3" body lift, Bilstein and OME shocks, ARB bull bar... and more. Starting bid is $5K. 1985 Toyota Landcruiser FJ60 A beige 1984, looks stock, starting at...
  4. ElviMcCoy

    Maryland M416 auction on 2/22

    US ARMY Tank Automotive Command M416 Cargo Trailer
  5. sigorama

    For Sale 1987 FJ60 on eBay - All original, Two Toned Silver

    Currently up for sale on eBay – bid now! This completely stock 60 series Land Cruiser has spent it’s life in Texas in the Houston and San Antonio areas. It runs great and is being used as a daily driver. 200+ high res photos here (part 1) and here (part 2) and here (part 3) 216,000 original...
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