1. kylenine

    For Sale  SD-40 Big Window

    Selling my big window SD-40 Carburetor. Date stamp 4 L 7 (December 7, 1964). What you see in the pictures is what you get, seems to be complete (it is missing one bolt right under "Nagoya, Japan" stamp). The backdrop piece behind the window is grey. Sadly, PO decided it would be a good idea to...
  2. S

    For Sale  1985 2F Engine Complete

    1985 FJ60 2F Complete Running Engine: $750 obo In So Cal (Santa Barbara area) 184k miles Pulled the 2F out of my 1985 FJ60 for V8 swap. Engine runs well, compression was right at 150psi for all six cylinders. Has aftermarket headers and has been desmogged. I am willing to ship. Includes...
  3. dodored

    Mystery Vacuum Port - What is it?

    I am working on a 1972 FJ40 and found a vacuum switch on the intake manifold but have no clue as to what is does. Can anyone help identify this part? Also, if the Aisan carburetor is such a good choice for the FJ40s why are there so many that have been changed out? Why, back in the day, would...
  4. dodored

    Wanted  Aisan Carb Throttle Cable Hold Down Bracket

    Hello guys, Needing a few miscellaneous parts for my carburetor rebuild on my 1972 FJ40 to the original spec Aisan carb. Need the bent bracket and bolt that the throttle cable end bolts to (see photo) a couple of phillips head screws that hold the top of the carb on to the body, and the bent...
  5. MAK1

    1978 federal Aisan carburetor connections

    Hello Friends, I wanted to see if anyone could point me in the right direction here. I dont have a FSM and didnt see a pdf version for my year on the site. I'm trying to identify all of the connections on my carb. I have numbered them in the photos. Could someone tell me where I can get a...
  6. N

    1977 FJ40 Cutting Off at Light- Need Assistance adjusting carburetor

    I have had to leave the choke slightly out on my 1977 FJ40 so I don't stall at lights. My over zealous father in law made some funky adjustment to the carb and now it stalls at lights. I had read a post that someone had placed on here with simple instructions and a diagram. turn idler screw 3...
  7. mwebfj60

    Aisan Secondary Circuits

    First a look at where the vacuum for the secondary diaphragm comes from..
  8. mwebfj60

    Aisan Decel Fuel Cut Circuit

    The following lays out the decel fuel cut circuit (Idle Cut Solenoid). Three of the last four carbs I have gone through all had the gasket shown in the pic installed to where the vacuum wasn't getting to the upper left carb vacuum port (decel port). I punched the two holes in this one.
  9. Not A CJ

    SOLD  Aisan Carburetor

    $95 + actual shipping from NC Aisan Carb date code 4G18 that came off my 1978 Fj40 2F. I was told that is this a newer carb from possibly 1984 FJ60. It was on my rig and running fine, until I upgraded to a period correct Trolhole carb. Pay Pal Perfered
  10. samatulich

    2F Aisan Carburetor Jets and Venturi question/help

    I am currently in the process of rebuilding two 2F Aisan Carburetors. One was stamped 5J27 (1975 October 27) and the other 6B3 (1976 February 3). The one built in October 1975 was the original carb for the 2F in the 1976 FJ40, never been rebuilt. The second one (February 1976) I purchased a...
  11. Z

    Individual Aisan Carb Gaskets

    I am looking for somewhere to buy the individual gaskets for a Aisan Carb. I do not need a full rebuild kit as I have recently rebuilt my carb. However the gasket that fits between the carb body and top has been torn. I would like to know if there is a place that sells that gaskets individually...
  12. e21pilot

    Aisan carb observation...

    I know my 1980 running on its 1996 rebuilt original Aisan carb has some problems so I am planning on a rebuild/replacing of the carb soon. However, I noticed today that when I park it on a level surface, I can see fuel in the float bowl through the sight glass, but if I check it at periodically...
  13. J

    FJ40 Carburator

    I'm looking for a stock carburator for my 5/1977 FJ40 (federal with emissions/smog in place). I believe I need an Aisan 21100-61023. I do have a question. What is the difference between the two: Aisan 21100-61024 (believe fits years late 1977 thru 1978) and Aisan 21100-61023 (believe...
  14. WestGemini

    22r Aisan Carb 35291

    Hey guys, been a long time lurker for this site. I've finally decided I need to make my own account and ask for some more specific help with this issue I've been having with my truck. Hoping someone out there can help me out. From what I can tell there's something wrong with my carburetor...
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