1. P

    80 series ac/heat trouble

    Hey guys, This is my first thread so here it goes. I bought a 1997 FZJ80 land cruiser a little over two years ago, and it was totaled when i found it and hadn't moved in 6 years. I've got it back to stock and more to where it's becoming an expedition vehicle now. One thing that hasn't worked...
  2. O

    2000 LX470 Air Conditioner issue

    I've searched the threads but couldn't find answers to my following issue. My AC started blowing warm air a couple months ago so I took it in and got it recharged. They also put dye in at the time and last week it started blowing warm again. Took it in and mechanic diagnosed leak in condensor...
  3. CloudCity

    HVAC evaporator cleaner, which drains to use?

    So after mistakenly posting in the 80-series forum and getting myself even more confused I have some quick questions for you all on doing the HVAC foaming cleaner. I have read that there is a drain tube coming from the firewall and I have located this. I understand there is a second drain tube...
  4. 4

    Recharging AC Help!

    My compressor recently seized up on me so I replaced compressor, condenser, drier, expansion valve, and all o-rings. I rented manifold set and vacuum pump and its holding a vacuum. When attempting to refill the low side pressure shoots up to 100-110 with the vehicle running. I couldn't get the...
  5. RhinoRig

    Wanted AC amplifier 88650-60080 for HDJ81

    Looking for a working unit. Anyone know if 88650-60081 is a good replacement? Also need the solar sensor 88625-20140 or sub 88625-60080 Muchas gracias!
  6. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale ALL Air Conditioning Parts for FJ80

    SoCal Please note that different years had slightly different fittings and your year is important. AC lines 91-92, 93-94, 95 - 97 Compressors 91-early 93, 93-94, 95-97 $75 each Condensors 91-92, 93-94, 95 - 97 $35 Evaporators AC Control Units Amplifiers ETC Large lines cannot be shipped.
  7. RFB

    passenger side floor leaking

    I had the AC on as its stupid humid here, AND its raining like when noah closed the door on the big boat. inside engine bay dry, firewall grommet is good and the rooftop tent covers moonroof. is this the AC condensating a LOT ??
  8. S

    AC only works in defrost mode. 98 Land Cruiser 100

    I have a 1998 Land Cruiser 100 series and I am having issues with the air conditioning (AC). The AC will only work if the position selector is in the defrost position. It will not work in Auto, Chest, Chest/Feet, or Feet only position. It also only works with the air recirculate switch is in the...
  9. FJ40Jim

    97 UZJ80 AC problem?

    Tim has a 1997 40th that has been swapped with an engine & trans from a 2003? Tundra. 100K on the engine, 250K on the body & chassis. It runs & drives good and most of the swap is well done by the PO. Some details that have been straightened out are air filter, MAF, fan shroud, PS & ATF hose...
  10. DoubleNickels

    For Sale FJ60 AC Compressor, Boise Idaho, $25 + Shipping

    Hello Mudders This AC compressor came off an early 80's FJ60. I pulled the engine from a trashed vehicle and can't speak to the compressor's function. It's heavy and bulky, would probably be at least $35 to ship (gut feel). Thanks for your interest! Regards Calvin
  11. T

    AC temps not as cold and temps fluctuating

    Last weekend, I made a foolish mistake trying when removing my alternator. I couldn't move what i now know to be the ac compressor far enough out of the way so I disconnected the tube going in to the top of it, result in the ac venting nto the air on my 1990 hdj81. This weekend I rented a...
  12. sunrk

    Trying to find mating connector that plugs onto AC high-temp thermoswitch for 1hz motor

    This is the AC high-temp thermoswitch that fits to my 80's 1hz motor. The AC has never worked since I got the 80 in 2011. I replaced this switch a while back as the original one has been damaged. Wiring harness to it is also damaged and has no mating connector. Can anyone tell me what the...
  13. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ80 1991-1992 AC parts Fan Clutch

    SoCal. Local pickup preferred due to large shipping size of shroud, however I will ship if you will do the shipping calculations and send me a shipping label, or add the cost of shipping to the price. AC parts are specific for systems originally R12 These items will not connect with 93-97 FJ80...
  14. J

    R12 coolant - is it ever dyed?

    My AC system needs to be recharged. When it was last done years ago (2014) the mechanic used dye - I keep all my work records and this one says he pumped 1 lb of dyed refrigerant in to check for leaks. There might be a leak, but they also did it for about $64 Canadian. I reckon they either...
  15. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale All AC parts for FJ80 AND HEATERS

    SoCal I have parts for all different years of FJ80 1991, 1993, 1994m, 1996, 1997 from several part out cars including: Compressor, Idler Pulleys AC lines AC amplifiers coils Condensors AC control units etc. Heater control valves NO HEATER CORES PLEASE CONTACT WITH YOUR YEAR LANDCRUISER...
  16. S

    Does Anyone Know Part number of this

    i just only waDoes anyone know part number of this 03+ toyota land cruiser heater corebox valve (87150-60790) 's AIR DUCT I WANT THAT TWO AIRDUCT ONLY please let me know if you have any information to share thnx
  17. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Fits 3FE - 1991-92 Land Cruiser FJ80

    SoCal Parts are from 91 and 92 year models Shipping is extra: E brake cable $20 Air Switching Valve (Vacuum Switch Valve) 25710-61031 $25 Ignition Coil $30 Smog Pump $30 Radiator Side Brackets $40 pair Heater Valve (on Firewall) $27.66 INCLUDES SHIPPING US AC - Heater Control Module (Mounts in...
  18. Deathvalleypaul


    SoCal Part number Denso 88650-60060 $75 including shipping. This amplifier is from a 1997 FJ80 but cross references to 91 to 97 AC amplifier. Tested part
  19. A

    Front AC blower stopped working

    Greetings! This morning cold air stopped blowing from any of the front vents on my 200 lc (2009). Rear vents work fine as well as the cool box. I tried different combinations for the screen AC/blower settings but can't get them to work. I do hear the blower at work as I increase the fan...
  20. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ80 Air Conditioning Parts - almost everything

    SoCal PARTS FOR 93-94, Parts for 95-97 I do not have the AC amplifier for 95 - 97. I do have systems from 1993 to 1997, R134 Compressors $85 with clutch Condensors Hoses, AC lines, etc. Dashboard Control Modules
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