Weird AC Issue

    I've got this very strange AC issue where the air is blowing out of the side vents, but not the center vents of the dash. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. ClassyJalopy

    An investigation of AC Issues

    Last week when we had our first 80 degrees day I started noticing that AC wasn't able to keep up. I had the two AC lines going to the rear AC replaced and system charged a couple of years ago. At that time the shop also put some green dye in it. So I started looking for any obvious leaks. Right...
  3. M

    For Sale  Remanufactured AC 24 volt HJ61 and original complete stay HJ61

    I added my HJ61 with original AC from Toyota. in the years finding parts I had some parts double. the AC compressor is fully remanufacturd and tested by the Remanufacire company in England I have papers with that. It is the original ND compressor. with a modified adapter plate to have...
  4. ItsBavid

    AC Compressor Died. Need help with a parts list 97 LX

    Some of you saw last week that my AC compressor died and also took out my Speedo fuse on the way down to vacation. Now it's time to begin another project. Can someone provide me with a list of parts you recommend that I buy, along with the compressor, so that I can just take care of any...
  5. drowzyGX

    Evaporator core replacement. Need advice.

    Hey Y’all, my evaporator core is leaking - confirmed via testing at LexTechs here in ATL - replacement cost is steep. Need some advice on what to do. 2004 GX 470, new to me as of 6 months ago, 109k miles. It’s got a new timing belt and water pump, new radiator and hoses, new steering rack, and...
  6. SgtChase

    FJ60 A/c Compressor internal Corrosion

    My 84 FJ60 ac started to whine not loudly but noticeably, and as it whined the AC got warmer and warmer. Finally I decided to put in some R-134 into the system where I noticed some bubbles coming out of the front compressor body seal. I ordered up a cheapo kit from autozone (didn't have all the...
  7. K

    AC system working but no cold air in cabin

    I have searched around and cannot find a thread that addresses my specific issue with my new-to-me 2003 100LC. The climate controls and AC worked great for the first 2,000 miles or so (that I have owned it) but now I am having issues. I do not have cold air in the cabin. I have confirmed...
  8. isal71

    ac problem

    hello everyone! so recently ive fixed the ac on my 97 land cruiser, changed ac dryer, broken pipe,and evap cleaning however, the ac blows cool air but not cold as it should be. ive noticed that when i turn the ac on, i can hear a (freon sound) in the console cooler so i put my hand in the box...
  9. E

    Passenger Seat Delete - Airbag light going off. Is there a remedy?

    I've decided to remove the passenger seat (temporarily) to make room for an AC unit (its hot in texas) for camping--like one of those stand up ones you put inside a room. Is there a way to trick the system to believe the airbag bits and pieces are still there?
  10. P

    80 series ac/heat trouble

    Hey guys, This is my first thread so here it goes. I bought a 1997 FZJ80 land cruiser a little over two years ago, and it was totaled when i found it and hadn't moved in 6 years. I've got it back to stock and more to where it's becoming an expedition vehicle now. One thing that hasn't worked...
  11. O

    2000 LX470 Air Conditioner issue

    I've searched the threads but couldn't find answers to my following issue. My AC started blowing warm air a couple months ago so I took it in and got it recharged. They also put dye in at the time and last week it started blowing warm again. Took it in and mechanic diagnosed leak in condensor...
  12. CloudCity

    HVAC evaporator cleaner, which drains to use?

    So after mistakenly posting in the 80-series forum and getting myself even more confused I have some quick questions for you all on doing the HVAC foaming cleaner. I have read that there is a drain tube coming from the firewall and I have located this. I understand there is a second drain tube...
  13. 4

    Recharging AC Help!

    My compressor recently seized up on me so I replaced compressor, condenser, drier, expansion valve, and all o-rings. I rented manifold set and vacuum pump and its holding a vacuum. When attempting to refill the low side pressure shoots up to 100-110 with the vehicle running. I couldn't get the...
  14. RhinoRig

    Wanted  AC amplifier 88650-60080 for HDJ81

    Looking for a working unit. Anyone know if 88650-60081 is a good replacement? Also need the solar sensor 88625-20140 or sub 88625-60080 Muchas gracias!
  15. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  ALL Air Conditioning Parts for FJ80

    SoCal Please note that different years had slightly different fittings and your year is important. AC lines 91-92, 93-94, 95 - 97 Compressors 91-early 93, 93-94, 95-97 $75 each Condensors 91-92, 93-94, 95 - 97 $35 Evaporators AC Control Units Amplifiers ETC Large lines cannot be shipped.
  16. RFB

    passenger side floor leaking

    I had the AC on as its stupid humid here, AND its raining like when noah closed the door on the big boat. inside engine bay dry, firewall grommet is good and the rooftop tent covers moonroof. is this the AC condensating a LOT ??
  17. S

    AC only works in defrost mode. 98 Land Cruiser 100

    I have a 1998 Land Cruiser 100 series and I am having issues with the air conditioning (AC). The AC will only work if the position selector is in the defrost position. It will not work in Auto, Chest, Chest/Feet, or Feet only position. It also only works with the air recirculate switch is in the...
  18. FJ40Jim

    97 UZJ80 AC problem?

    Tim has a 1997 40th that has been swapped with an engine & trans from a 2003? Tundra. 100K on the engine, 250K on the body & chassis. It runs & drives good and most of the swap is well done by the PO. Some details that have been straightened out are air filter, MAF, fan shroud, PS & ATF hose...
  19. DoubleNickels

    For Sale  FJ60 AC Compressor, Boise Idaho, $25 + Shipping

    Hello Mudders This AC compressor came off an early 80's FJ60. I pulled the engine from a trashed vehicle and can't speak to the compressor's function. It's heavy and bulky, would probably be at least $35 to ship (gut feel). Thanks for your interest! Regards Calvin
  20. T

    AC temps not as cold and temps fluctuating

    Last weekend, I made a foolish mistake trying when removing my alternator. I couldn't move what i now know to be the ac compressor far enough out of the way so I disconnected the tube going in to the top of it, result in the ac venting nto the air on my 1990 hdj81. This weekend I rented a...
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