ac climate control module

  1. gamecockLX

    2006 LX + question about infotainment options

    Hi all, thanks to those that helped answer questions when I was looking. I pulled the trigger on this beauty: 2006 LX 470 with ~126k miles. Living in Boston, it's going to be my winter daily driver (bike commute in the summer) and number one vehicle for camping and ski trips (with two ~70 pound...
  2. cHRNO

    AC/Fan controller issue, and no "heat" just warm air from vents on full setting

    Hi all, I have some problems with the AC/Fan controlls on my car that I thought someone could give ideas about. The AC itself is not working, have had it checked for leakages and refilled with pressure test and no issues. The AC button light won't come on if I press it. And no cool air is...
  3. MadMeak

    2006 LX thermostat/heater issues

    I’m dealing with a couple small issues on my 2006 LX and am looking for some help troubleshooting. #1. In the summer, my AC only blows cold on max AC. If I set it up to 65 or 72 it blows hot like it’s on HOT. #2. Just noticed this issue today. Temp setting turned all the way hot and my...
  4. RhinoRig

    Wanted 80 enviro control module

    55900-60010 The A/C microswitch has gone bad in my control module and it appears that they are no longer made. Who has one of these for me? This is the Auto temp version. I don't need the Celcius version, F is fine. Thanks!
  5. S

    Please tell me part number of heater ac controls 03+ dial type connectors plug

    Does anyone know part number of this heater ac controls 03+ dial type connectors plug i want connector plug please let me know if anyone know something about this
  6. K

    A/C Issues - Need Help

    Hi everyone, My main AC blower has stopped blowing air to the face. It works okay in all modes except face option. Has anybody got an idea on what's wrong or how to fix it? Appreciate any support K
  7. 40thSagePearl

    Climate control mystery... please help !

    I have a 1996 lexus lx450 that i recently bought and have been loving it since day one. I have noticed that air is constantly coming through my air vents even when the system is set into the "off" position and when set to recycle mode. It seems my truck is stuck on fresh air mode... where is the...
  8. 40thSagePearl

    Climate Control Recirculation Stuck on fresh air

    I'm in the process of replacing a ton of center console and dash bulbs on my lexus lx450 (1996 locked with 172k) I recently noticed that there is always air blowing through my air vents and that the air recirculation feature is not working. I have pressed the button andnthe light changes over on...
  9. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Heater Air Conditioning Control Module for Dashboard $75 FJ80

    So Cal Complete in-dash control modules I have all three to choose from, 91-92, 93-94, 95-97. All are from working FJ80s. $75 each + shipping (Approx $12) Paypal OK. Ready to ship
  10. Willis Bullard

    97 LC Collectors Edition Climate Control

    Hello everyone, I have been struggling with the climate control not working for some time. Going to give the short version, next, after my question. I have done extensive searching and can't find the answer. My question is, can the AC Climate control module AUTO (part # 55900 60020) be...
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