1. B

    HDJ100 A442F auto problem

    Hello. I have HDJ100 4.2td from 1998 with A442F auto box. My problems is it don't shift as it should. When I put it in D(drive) it goes for a sec in 1st gear and than it drops to 3rd gear and it's stuck in it. Only option to drive is to put it in L position to force it in 1st gear and than...
  2. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  SoCal - 93-94 Transmission Pan and Skid Plate and Neutral Safety Start and Bell Housing

    A442F Aisin Warner Automatic. Parts are not compatible with 91-92 OR 95-97 Neutral Safety Start $85, Shipping is $22, works well Trans Pan and Factory Skid Plate $75, shipping is $20 to $32 NO dents, NO leaks Bell housing $75. No cracks or warpage. Please send me a personal message.
  3. Deathvalleypaul

    Parting out a 96 and a 92 FJ80 in SoCal Come and pick it!

    I am in the San Gabriel area, north of the 10 freeway just off Rosemead Blvd. The 96 runs very well and body is good. Nice dash top. Steering wheel needs restoration, Front seats need upholstery. It has current tags and drives well, but the airbag system is out and I do not wish to sell the...
  4. Deathvalleypaul

    Parting Out  1996 FJ80 in SoCal

    Full part out. Runs real good, shifts very well, T Case works, everything seems good. Brown interior. Nice dash top. Steering wheel is not cracked but leather is worn at the surface. Front seats are shredded. Seat motors are dead. Good bumpers. Air bag system is not working properly and car...
  5. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Auto Trans from 96 and 97, T-Case

    SoCal area. These are in the car ready to test drive. Transmission $300, Transfer Case $250 Mileage around 250K Runs and shifts good, no leaks or whines. I also have others. Shipping is possible if you make the shipping arrangements. I can load them onto a pallet if needed and deliver to...
  6. anothernord

    SOLD  A442 Automatic Transmission w/ t-case - 170k SOLD

    Selling an automatic transmission A442F from a 1993 Land Cruiser with 170k. I never saw the truck drive because I just parted it out, but when I drained the fluid, it came out clean, red, and smelling good. The transmission has some surface rust but is pretty clean otherwise. The t-case seems...
  7. G

    1993 first time owner transmission concerns

    Hello All, I've long wanted an FZJ80 and finally pulled the trigger on one earlier this week. The rig I bought is a 1993 with a tick over 200k. I think it's an A442F transmission. I had the prior owner meet me at a friends mechanic's shop who primarily...
  8. Bardiya

    A442F Slips in Reverse and 3rd

    For a while my land cruiser's transmission has been acting up. It won't shift into reverse or 3rd gear until it gets warm, the reverse dash light does not come till it gets warm either even after it does it still slips for a quarter of a second till it finally goes into Reverse or 3rd but then...
  9. 2KCruiser

    For Sale  Socal A442F Automatic Transmission 80 Series 1993-1994 80k Miles

    In the San Fernando Valley, link to pics on ebay Toyota Land Cruiser A442F Automatic Transmission 80 Series 1993-1994 80k Miles Mud price is $700 Perfect working order, only 80k miles when removed. Fresh filter ready to be installed.
  10. K

    Automatic Transmission TCU

    Hi Guys, Maybe somebody can help. Where is the TCU of Landcruiser 80 1997 right hsnd wheel located. Photos will help if somebody has. I need it urgently. Stuck somewhere in Brazil Thanks a lot Israel
  11. S

    Wanted  FJ80 Shift Lever Assembly

    Looking for a FJ80 Shift Lever Assembly (including parts connecting to the tranny) LHD with "PRND32L", 4WD shift knob (H-N-L) and the console covering the assembly. Color not important but preferred grey. Going to use it on a A442 tranny. Must be willing to ship to the Philippines, willing to...
  12. Patty Whack

    all right dammit, whats the difference?

    Whats the diff between the a440f and the a442f? I'm trying to learn a little something about my tranny, but keep coming across conflicting info as to what the exact model tranny is in a 91 80. 440 or 442? ive got a 3fe with cruise. if there was an engine plate indicating model, its gone now...
  13. 1

    A442 has no reverse

    I just bought a 1993 with 193k miles and it has a few problems that I need to solve. When I got it park, reverse, 2nd and drive didn't work. I followed the TSRM and got park to work and can manually shift through the gears with the solenoids unhooked. But it still has no reverse. I did the...
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