1. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Toyota Land Cruiser 1991-1992 A440 Transmission / TCase

    SoCal From a gas powered 1991. I drove it and it shifted well, no slippage, no lurching, no creeping at idle and no leaks. Torque converter included. $500 firm for the Trans and Torque converter and I will deliver it to your shipper; you set up and pay for the shipping. Transfer Case quiet...
  2. tonka az

    For Sale  A440 with Fixins

    I recently swapped in an H55f into my 1989 FJ62, and have a few left over parts from the old trans. I believe the A440 has a bad trans pump, but is otherwise in good shape. It was last rebuilt three years ago, if I remember correctly, and has been rebuilt prior to that. When it was taken out...
  3. Bjorn Ogderlund

    For Sale  For sale: A440 and HF2A from 92 FJ80

    The old girl got an extra pedal and I've got the old A440 and HF2A from 92 FJ80 for sale. 220K when removed in May. Not many miles since, unless you count scurrying around the shop floor. They both ran nicely together with the 3FE until the 5spd swap was done. It'd be a shame to toss such a nice...
  4. JoeKing5

    SOLD  1994 FJ80 A442 electronic transmission

    Make me an offer. I have a 1994 FJ80 OEM automatic transmission and torque converter that are in excellent condition and taken from an 80 with only 16,000 miles. I drive a 92 FJ80 so the 94 transmission is not compatible and I would like to sell it. I am asking $1000 considering it's low mileage...
  5. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Floor shifter for A440 FJ80 1992 Land Cruiser

    SoCal 1-2-3-D Complete floor unit, I can provide the console as well if you would like it! $100 + shipping. Console $40
  6. Deathvalleypaul

    Parting Out  1992 FJ80 Runs and Shifts Good, Looks Good

    SoCal Let me know what you need, I can ship it at your cost if it isn't too big. Grey interior with cloth manual seats, great door panels, carpet etc. Complete EXCEPT for front bumper, and grille. No body damage. I am parting it out because license fees and penalties exceed the value of the...
  7. N

    For Sale  A440 trans

    hey all. Trying to sell my a440(trans only) out of my 91’ fj80. 200k Miles. No torque converter. $300. Located in Indiana. Willing to meet within reason. Or can deliver for extra $$$.
  8. ZHarvey121

    SOLD  FJ62 3FE/ Trans for sale

    Hey guys, Long time reader/ follower, first time poster. I am currently in the process of completing a 5.3 swap in my 62 and am looking to sell the engine 223k miles, A440 trans (3k miles on rebuild/ hard parts) and exhaust. The 62 has been in the family since 1992 and I have nearly every...
  9. B

    A440 Rebuild

    Can anyone recommend a shop in the bay area to rebuild my transmission? Or a place that sells/ships rebuilt transmissions?
  10. BJ74PE

    A/T shifter

    After a complete paint job and reassembly I noticed something might have happened to the shifter in my BJ74 (equipped with A440 transmission, lever positions PRND32L). It is now a little loose when engaged in R, N or D. The lever doesn't stay put, but moves up & down a little. There's no...
  11. BJ74PE

    Wanted  A/T Shifter (A440, PRND32L)

    Looking for A/T shifter, should fit A440 transmission on a BJ74 (PRND32L).
  12. richxd87

    For Sale  1fz-fe and a343 from 1996 LC - TX

    I have an engine and transmission from a 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser, same as Lexus LX450. Engine had 230k miles when removed from wrecked cruiser for a project. Engine was running when pulled. Asking $1000 obo. Engine and trans together Willing to split and sell separately as well Engine...
  13. woody

    Auto shift console removal

    Got new shifter bushings from @cruiseroutfit but am having a devil of a time figuring out what to do to remove this without breaking it...I DO have the two Phillips screws removed, but something retains the forward half....what easy step am I missing?
  14. RocketCityCrzrs

    A440F Transmission issues

    I'll try to keep it simple, but i made the horrible HORRIBLE mistake of letting aamco do a tranny rebuild for me 2 years ago and have nothing but issues since. I have been, since, using Nance Transmission and have really enjoyed their support, but the trans still isn't right. When the truck is...
  15. JohnCapoccia

    For Sale  Low mileage A440 rebuilt by Wholesale Automatic in Australia

    Sold Feb 17 2016 Edit: Added some pics, including the original bill of sale. I have a low mileage A440 that was rebuilt by Wholesale Automatic Transmissions in Australia in 2005, but it's only got a few thousand miles on it since the rebuild, according to the fella I bought it from. I'd like...
  16. JohnCapoccia

    For Sale  3FE and A440

    Relisted under a different ad
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