1. ridgeback rig

    Lockers on '93?

    We need to sell our 93. It has the DIFF LOCK button. I don't actually know what that means as far as writing a post. Is it triple locked? What information do I need to give potential buyers? How do I get it?
  2. thatcabledude

    SOLD  93-94 1FZ-FE engine ECM "the good one" [FL]

    Up for sale is a 89661-60221 ECM in good working order. This is for the 93-94 1FZ-FE engine. I did an engine swap and no longer need. Perfect spare or a replacement for failing 89661-60170 or 89661-60220 ECMs NLA part, so it will be worth it's weight in gold down the road. $100 SHIPPED FREE...
  3. TravisimoE30

    Wanted  93-94 1fz-fe Engine

    I'm looking for a good running 93-94 1fz-fe engine in the So-Cal area. I live in San Diego. Thanks, Travis
  4. IoN6

    Wanted  93-94 Slee SliderSteps

    Guess they stopped making the 93-94 series steps, so figured I would see if anyone had a set they are parting with before I start looking at other avenues. Local or drive-able from Denver metro area preferred.
  5. rctoyota

    Wanted  93-94 white LF fender flare

    Hi, looking for a clean looking factory white left front fender flare for 93-94. As I have found 95 to 97 have different mounting points. please pm me if one is available for sale. thank you
  6. Y

    Wanted  Center Console 80 series 93-94 in grey

    I am looking for a center console from a 93-94 in grey in decent condition. Located in Socal if you're local. Pm me price and shipping (if applicable). Thank you!
  7. goranvolvo

    For Sale  80 series instrument cluster 91-92 and 93-94

    i have for sale instrument cluster for 91-91 80 series with 152491 miles 130 $ shipped i also have bunch smaler interior parts so best just ask what you may need and i can let you know if i have it image sharing sites
  8. stevezero

    Differences between 93-94 and 95-97 intakes and head?

    Hey guys, specially @cruiserdan and @beno, Are there any major differences between the 93-94 and 95-97 intakes, and any differences between the heads? I'm looking to put a 93-94 head on my 97, and wanted to see what was interchangeable, and what wouldnt play nicely. EGR will probably be...
  9. B

    Bolt on performance muffler for 93-94

    Does anyone sell a bolt on performance muffler for the 93-94 land cruiser, I see a borla for 95-97 but nothing else but stock for the 93-94, I want it to be a little bit louder than stock, what is the Bosal muffler, is that like a stock quiet replacement?
  10. goranvolvo

    For Sale  ECU 93-94 1FZFE 89661-60221 80 series

    SOLD picture uploading upload pics
  11. maddss

    Wanted  WTB 93-94 VAF

    WTB 93-94 VAF in good condition or Someone who can rebuild mine. Thanks
  12. B

    Wanted  Airflow meter for a 93-94 fj80

    I need a nice clean airflow meter from a 1993-1994 fj80 22250-66010, someone removed the screws and tried to rig mine back together and it's acting up, pm me
  13. maddss

    93-94 VAF rebuild serivces ?

    Any suggestions for a company that rebuilds the VAF for the 93 and 94 LC I found this guy off E. REPAIR SERVICE 93-94 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER MAF MASS AIR FLOW SENSOR REPAIR SERVICE | eBay eBay item number: 322406860179 "US $99.95 I AM NOT SELLING AN AIRFLOW METER IN THIS LISTING THIS LISTING IS...
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