80 series

  1. thomasedwa

    Where to buy bolts for 80 series Land Cruiser front recovery points for ARB bumper

    Bought an ARB Bumper a while back, took it off to install a winch, and lost 2 of the 4 bolts for the front recovery points. Looked all over the shop and couldn't seem to find them, they must have ended up in the trash. Went to some local hardware stores to try to find bolts for them, I wasn't...
  2. N


    Hey everyone, First time posting on here/first time on an auto forum in general/first time buyer. I’m currently looking at purchasing a 1997 Lexus LX450 that I’d like to turn into an overlanding/camping rig. The inside and external body is in near mint condition, however I’m uncertain as to...
  3. SmoothCanoes

    1hdt information

    G'day guys, about 6 months ago i bought a jan 92 80 series GXL factory turbo diesel manual, purchased off an older mechanic who owned the past 14 years. Has roughly 535xxxkms on her, has new injector pump, and I replaced the Big end bearings and bolts about 3000ks ago, other than that i think...
  4. Just Diddly

    A/C refuses to turn off

    Hello everyone, first time poster here! About two weeks ago I finally managed to get a 1993 FZJ80 and join the LC club (lifelong Toyota owner though). The truck has some things that needed to be addressed and fixed that I was aware of and most of those fixes are coming along seamlessly. However...
  5. Options20002001

    For Sale  San Diego: '97 LX Running Boards

    Hey guys I'm selling the running boards off my '97 LX. Putting sliders on so these need to come off. They have some scratches which you can see in the pictures and have the use you'd expect from a 22 year old vehicle with 235k miles but they still look great and perfect for anyone that wants the...
  6. jebaloha

    For Sale  Honolulu, HI 80 series a few various parts for sale

    Hi there, I have a driver's side (left) 80 series headlight assembly with all tabs intact: $200 Driver's side (left) turn signal $50 A ventilation cowl louver $100 Hood Hinges $40 Spare tire jack and tools $150 ( in great shape and a complete set I believe) Bumper Turn Signals $60...
  7. Spencer Lerman

    Lerms Customs - FJ80 3FE EGR Kits, Machine Shop Services, Parts

    Hello Everyone. Ive started this website to sell Toyota Landcruiser Parts, Tools and I also offer rebuilding/refurbishing services. You can visit my website at www.lermscustoms.com Thank you.
  8. DanMedeiros

    For Sale  2.5" Lift. OME Heavy Lift. Price $275

    Hello everyone, I recently replaced my suspension to upgrade to 35-inch tires and move up to a 4 inch lift. I have the old springs and radius arms that were on the truck. These parts are in good shape and where installed brand new in January of 2017. All components have about 25K miles on them...
  9. peggyfzj80

    80 Series Sleeping Platform/ Storage System

    Here is a sleeping platform/ storage system for the back of an 80 Series Land Cruiser. I had a basic design drawn up, which was inspired by previous MUD builds, and a local cabinet guy ("Thomas") brought it to life. Because I did not do the fabricating I do not have much detailed knowledge of...
  10. blahblahblah

    SOLD  1997 FZJ80 running boards, NorCal

    Come take them before I sawzall them into pieces small enough to fit into my trash bin. Great shape. End caps included. Not interested in shipping.
  11. MauricioR

    Builds  Toyota '96 HDJ80 - Cummins 6BT conversion

    Hi Mudders, Some of you guys know me from my previous posts: Rebuilt 1HD-T engine blowby when hot 1HDT Camshaft problem Smoky 1HDT - Injection related After a lot of headaches and tons of money I gave up on the 1HDT, looks like the engine is cursed or something. Last time I replaced almost...
  12. S

    For Sale  Seattle: HIR 9011 bulbs 4 never used!!!

    Bought these for my truck and test fitted one bulb by trimming the tab per 'Mud instructions. Fit perfect! But then the depos came back on the market so I got those instead. 3 of the four are still in original packaging. Now I don't need these anymore. My loss is your gain. $40 local pick up...
  13. S

    For Sale  SOLD!! Sonoma/Oakland, CA OME 865 coil springs $180 shipped in US

    Hello Mudders, Tried an experiment and it didn't work. Put these OME865X coils in the rear of my LX470 w/AHC to see if it would work...and it was too much of a lift, effectively taking all the load off the AHC system. BOING BOING BOING...Went with stock height King Springs instead to maintain...
  14. M

    For Sale  1996 Lexus Lx450 Triple Locked

    Less than 182,000 miles. Raptor liner paint job. Several maintenence things done including a brand new pen power steering pump. New spark plugs and wires new distributor and rotor new pcv valve new oil pump seal new belts new air filter and oil done less than 1000 miles ago. Tires and battery...
  15. ToothDr

    For Sale  80 series OEM towing hitch

    Excellent condition OEM 80 series tow hitch. Will fit 1991-1997 USA 80 series. No rust and frame bolts included. $20 Local pick up only Located in Denver Colorado SOLD Thanks
  16. RFB

    270 amp alternator

    Hey fellas, I already used photomans bracket and shoehorned a 150 amp sequoia alternator under the hood, Well Im bumping up my batteries from 2 odyssey extremes total 170AH to one extreme and one battleborn lithium battery so in order to get max out of these batteries Im installing a 270Amp SBS...
  17. O

    Code 28 issues

    My 94 cruiser was intermittently throwing code 28 for a heated o2sensor for cylinders 4-6. I would usually pull the EFI fuse and the code would clear for a while but I eventually decided to replace the o2sensor. I ordered the NTK part #244044 which is supposably the OE sensor for the 93-94's...
  18. jjdeneen918

    For Sale  FZJ80 complete Engine 108,000 miles

    i acquired a 1996 LX450 as a parts car. Previous owner bought, removed locking axels, wheels, & seats. Then listed rig for sale. Previous owner stated he tried to start engine, but there was no crank. After purchase, I discovered the factory alarm ECU was unplugged & wouldn’t allow it to...
  19. Classic85

    Wanted  OME 2864 & 2850

    Anyone have these two sets of arb old man emu springs laying around. Location Chicago 60607.
  20. Lucy11

    Borla Cat Back install on '96 Land Cruiser - HELP!

    Got her running awesome after major head gasket work but then the whole exhaust went (was 5 months not running in driveway during HG fix, so exhaust rusted through). I am trying to get my new Borla Cat Back up over the rear axle and it's a B****! Has anyone installed the Borla CB? Is it...
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