79 series

  1. LCruiser

    Twin V8

    This project will show the build of both 76 and 79 series. Brief Explanation: It has been a long journey and short at the same. It has been a dream to build not due to reliability because of its off-road capabilities. Toyota is dominant in our market so the car choice was between 76 series and...
  2. chappohj47

    Check this 79 series out

  3. S

    79 series full time 4wd conversion

    Over the last number of weeks I have been gathering information to convert my fzj79 from part time 4wd to full time 4wd, I have good reason to do this conversion as I travel a lot of dirt roads in between stretches of bitumen and also on and off the road driving around the farm. I could find 0...
  4. Catfish28

    For Sale  79 series truck bed tray

    I have a truck bed off of a 2015 79 series truck. New truck take off. Some minor handling marks. Great shape. I'm open to discussing shipping options. In Birmingham, Al. Can help with loading. It's probably a 3 person job, but I suppose 2 could do it if we really really want to. $1900.
  5. chrisspaulding

    For Sale  75 and 79 Series doors

    I have several new take-off and good used 75/79 series doors. Mirrors and door panels are not included. Prices range from $350-$500 depending on condition.
  6. C

    79 Serieis with 1VD-FTV Reliability?

    Hi Guys I im looking at buying a 79 Dual Cab with the 1VD-FTV engine and wanted to know if they are having any issues in terms of reliability? I have the choice of going for the 1HZ or 1VD-FTV (V8) and leaning towards the latter due to performance benefits. Thanks
  7. Locked79

    Builds  Locked79's Build Thread. Vdj79 + Fzj105 = ?

    I thought I might start a thread detailing my latest project. This is to help people who might be thinking of doing the same and to try and nut out some of the problems I'm having. I'm not good at writing these kind of things so please bare with me. What I wanted was a solid axle vehicle with...
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