1. matubrembrem

    For Sale  60 series parts

    Hi All, I’m selling my 60 series 2F take offs and spares. Heres what i got, all prices plus shipping. Alternator $75 New Mean green alternator $450 A/C Compressor $100 P/S pump SOLD Combo switch $50 Hvac bezel SPF 2F Carb $225 OME anti inversion shackles w/ grease pins $75 Tow hook SOLD Center...
  2. Silveredition

    School Ball 60

    Gday everyone! Yesterday I had a ‘proud Dad’ moment when I dropped my Daughter and her date off at the ‘walk-in’ for her final school year ball. They had the choice of a Kombi, old VW Beetle, Dodge Ram, new Mustang, convertible Mercedes, old Monaro etc, but they asked if they could be dropped...
  3. shmukster

    For Sale  PA 60 or 62 washer reservoir

    Don't know if this reservoir is from a 60 or a 62 series as it was not tagged. Take a look at it and decide if you need it. Cap looks good and the motor is there. Price $50 buyer pays shipping. Best to email me shmukter@pa.metrocast.net
  4. Ry24000

    60 Power steering particulars

    Hello everyone. I am getting ready to do a ton of stuff on my Pig. I am going to start on the power steering. I believe I have most of the big ticket stuff figured most thread I have read hot those.(frame sleeves, TRE adaption, shock mount, pump mount hardware ect.) It's the details I am...
  5. smllblock60

    60 series 4wd lever bushings

    Does anyone know where I can find the 4wd lever bushings for a 1984 fj60 with 4 speed split case?
  6. D

    FJ 60 Igniter Connections

    Good Afternoon, Everyone, Is there anyone who could share a picture of the correct connections between the igniter and ignition coil on an FJ 60? Thank you! -David
  7. CruiserTrash

    SOLD  Denver: 40, 60 80 Series Manuals

    I’ve been looking for an original pressing of the 40/60 Series Chassis & Body Manual and found somebody selling a Toyota reprint. He had a whole bunch of manuals and wouldn’t break up the lot. I don’t need these other ones, so on the block they go. All are in almost perfect condition, except as...

    For Sale  Helena, Montana - Misc. 40 and 60 parts.

    A few more odds and ends that I'd like to move on to a better home. As always, if you want additional pictures, please let me know. I'm also open to offers but I have priced this stuff to sell so there's not a lot of wiggle room there. 1. SALE PENDING - Dakota Digital VHX - 62T - FJ digital...
  9. azec2310

    New owner of a 1982 60!

    Hi All! Excited to learn and tinker around with this thing. This a second vehicle for me, my daily is a 2008 4Runner (4.7L). Any input is suggested. I’ve been combing/reading the forums for random things prior to acquiring this beauty. It was in CA its entire life and it checked all my boxes...
  10. CruiserTrash

    Early 60 T-case input shaft question

    Reassembling what I believe is a 1983 t- case (5th gear oiler provision, but no extra bolt hole). Wondering about the order of the things that go on it. Is this the order? Item in question is the small collar/sleeve closest to the transmission. It’s about the same as the sleeve where the PTO...

    For Sale  Helena, Montana - Various 40 / 60 Tranny / T-case parts

    A few more parts from my recently sold 40 project that I want to get rid of. As always, I'm trying to price things to sell but let me know if you want to make an offer. 1. SOLD - OEM Splitcase Emergency Drum Brake conversion parts - all parts new, never installed (at least by me). Got the kit...
  12. thewarwagon

    FJ 60 hood spring replacement and hood prop removal.

    Replaced my stock hood springs and hood prop with new gas shocks. Makes the engine bay a lot cleaner and easier to work on. Shocks were $18 on Amazon. Utilized the stock hood spring holes and dabbed the brackets from angle iron from Tractor Supply. On the drivers side there was not a hole in the...
  13. DonBScurd

    Finally! A seat at the 60 table.

    I’ve lusted over them since I was 14/15 years old. Now an arms reach of 53, finally got one that was within my budget. Speedometer don’t work. Previous rust repairs where it was cut and patches welded on then painted over. Won’t drive past 35-40 mph - just cuts out almost like it’s got no...
  14. Nifski

    For Sale  Arizona. Fj 60 Complete smog set up, includes Carb.

    Complete smog set up from a 1984 fj60. All worked when removed. $300 includes shipping within lower 48 states.
  15. CruiserLite

    Considering a 60 Series

    Hello fellow Cruisers, I’m looking for a more ‘utilitarian’ cruiser as a third vehicle and the FJ60 looks appealing - something I can take on short camping and hunting trips. The simplicity and looks of the 60 is attractive. It would not be a DD (have the GX460 for DD) and I would have to park...
  16. B

    Bj 60 recirculating cooler

    I want to install a 1500w recirculating coolant heater on my cdn version BJ60 with 3.4 diesel. Is there a port to tap into in lower block of engine. ? I have a regular vlock heater but it doesnt get engine warm enough to start properly on really cold days. Also what should be cycle time for glow...
  17. Wildcat Walker

    Wanted  KY: PTO Control Lever, 60 or 70 series with internal lockout.

    Looking for a PTO control lever assembly with the internal lockout. Willing to buy or trade early 40 series PTO lever with linkage and knob.
  18. woytovich

    Who bought my old 60? ("New England 1986 fj60" in NH)

    Who bought my old 60? https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/new-england-1986-fj60.1316401/
  19. o8ko8k

    1UR-FE in a 60 series

    Has anyone attempted to put a 1UR-FE engine in an 84 ish 60 series land cruiser? Search for 1UR-FE came up with nothing. Its a lexus GX460 engine.
  20. SADSZN

    Wanted  Oregon 60 series Turbo Tach

    Looking for a Turbo Tach from HJ61 BJ61 etc etc etc. One that redlines at 5K (unless there is one that redlines higher that I'm unaware of?) and have the bulbs. Shoot me a message thanks
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