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  1. dmsimon

    For Sale  FJ80 1997 3rd ROW SEATS (BOTH) Excellent Condition

    Here are the seats! https://www.ebay.com/itm/3rd-Row-Leather-Seats-1997-Toyota-Land-Cruiser-BOTH-SEATS-EXCELLENT-CONDITION/193627879685?hash=item2d151ef905:g:qm8AAOSwR5hfOosG
  2. C

    For Sale  3rd row seats - 2002 Lx470

    3rd row seats for sale, who wants them? Shoot me an offer Located in Phx Az
  3. WesSiler

    Third Row Removal is Super Easy

    Just figured I'd share this all in one place so people can find it. Pulled out the third row and its seatbelts today: Tools needed: 14mm socket, ratchet, extension. All the trim can be pulled with your hands alone. Just pop out the outside covers off each seat leg at a time, and each will...
  4. mtadje

    I need 3rd row seatbelts for a 96 Lexus LX450

    Looking for 3rd row seatbelts that are brown. Also, just switched out my bumper and have a front bumper if anyone is interested. It is in good condition (silver). I checked into shipping and it's way expensive so local pickup would be best.
  5. krice118

    For Sale  St. Louis 100 series 3rd row seats

    3rd row seats Tan $100 obo Located in St. Louis.
  6. Whiphub

    FREE  94 80 series 3rd row seats in Denver

    Free if you come get em, outside of Denver in Evergreen, CO. Grey/blue cloth
  7. bushdoctor

    For Sale  Socal: 3rd row seats and running boards,- for sale

    I need to get rid of this stuff. Taking up much needed space. $120 for seats, $40 for running boards= pick up locally.
  8. K

    For Sale  100 Series 3rd Row Seats- Tan (Great Condition) $330

    This is a set of TAN 3rd row seats for 100 series Land Cruisers. These are originally from an '05 USA Spec Land Cruiser. The sale of the old beast happened pretty quick, and so these bad boys were left behind in our basement. While they spent their early years occasionally holding 10-13 year...
  9. S

    For Sale  100 series 3rd row seat----$250 plus shipping

    Immaculate condition, tan leather from 2002 LC Located in Louisiana, you pick shipping method and I'll send however you want. $250 Inbox me if interested
  10. suttonkb

    For Sale  Power Leather Seats 80 Series

    I'm wanting to sell my gray power leather seats from my 1994 cruiser. This includes front, rear, and 3rd row. The front seat headrests have screens installed for the rear passengers to watch video. I believe they are Clarion screens. Leather was replaced not long ago by PO. Seats and screens...
  11. Grade D Angel

    For Sale  LX470 third row seats, tan leather, like new, Seattle WA

    Third row fold and stow seats from a 2000 LX470 with tan, aka ivory, leather. Seats look to have never been used. $150 or best offer
  12. Grade D Angel

    For Sale  3rd row seats, Ivory (tan) leather, excellent condition, WA State

    3rd row seats out of a 2000 LX470. Ivory (Tan) leather. Seats are in excellent condition. I pulled them to run a rear drawer unit instead of the seats. They've been removed now for 3 years and I'm tired of having them in storage. Pics available on request. $250.00 Obviously, local pickup...
  13. MrCWineMan

    What to do with 3rd row seats?

    I’m officially stumped: I’ve pulled my 3rd row seats for drawers. I then put my third row up on the classifieds here but nothing. Checked eBay, not selling any that I can tell. What should I do with these things? They are taking up valuable space, and I certainly don’t need them. All...
  14. JLH911

    For Sale  1997 LX450 (FJ80) 3rd row seats

    3rd row leather seats in good condition (no visible) rips or tears. Tan in color. Came out of a 1997 LX450. Don't need them anymore! $140 obo for both. Local pickup in SoCal.
  15. MrCWineMan

    For Sale  3rd row seats for a 200 series - Colorado Springs, CO

    I pulled my 3rd row seats to install drawers - I have no need of them. I see them on eBay for up to $800. That's crazy talk. I have a never used third row seat set in my garage. Lets say $500? They are black.
  16. A

    3rd Row Seats, Third Row

    Hi, Looking for 3rd row seats for my 2011 LC. Curious what years are compatible. Dealer was no help. Brand new 2017 set on ebay now, but don't want to buy unless there is confirmation they would work for me. thanks, Andy
  17. Ddude

    FREE  FJ 80 3rd Row Seat free to a good home. (NorCal)

    I no longer have the 94 FJ bug these are in perfect shape. Grayish cloth. Happy to pass them along. Local pick-up or arrange the shipping and they are yours.
  18. fumetsu

    For Sale  $300: Tan 3rd Row LX470 Seats FS, SE Michigan

    For pickup locally in SE Michigan. In immaculate condition!
  19. M

    For Sale  100 Series 3rd Row Seats - Tan - Excellent Condition $75

    upright by Michael Belles posted Jun 21, 2017 at 12:09 AM Barely used, everything in perfect shape. Hardware, leather, seatbelts all excellent. Always stored inside dry/dark. Located in Atlanta, GA. Willing to meet locally. Otherwise buyer pays shipping (would be pretty hefty )
  20. B

    For Sale  Two sets of LX tan 3rd row and 2 sets of LC 3rd row. All tan.

    In great shape. Would post pics but have no clue how. $200 a set.
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