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      I think if you do a search for "7 pin mod" you'll find your answer. Been a while but I'm pretty sure that'll take care of it. I did that years ago and the swap hasn't changed the way it functions.
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      I'll get the CC info up. Other than that, we should be about wrapped up. Let me know if you need more pictures of anything (that i don't have to take apart to photograph). :)
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      Don't recall.
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      I'm going to post some wiring info that will be helpful. This is how I set up my fuse blocks. The one on top is the original LC block. The one below is an aftermarket block. I will get to posting how we handled Cruise Control in the next week...
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    • Scalpel
      TACHOMETER Dakota Digital unit SGI-100BT Used Velcro to attach unit to the “Computer 4wheel drive control” module in the PS kick panel. “Ignition” 12v keyed power “Ground” “Signal In” LS ECU tach signal wire. Pin 48 of J1 (has to be added) “High...
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    • Scalpel
      HEATER HOSES There are a couple of write ups talking about a bypass of some kind for this swap. I didn't do that and haven't had any issues. Was pretty simple. I did buy another "U" shaped tube from the junkyard that came off a wrecked 80 to...
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    • Scalpel
      CODES I have only one code that consistently pops up: U0100. It does not trip the Check Engine Light so it doesn't really bother me. Since we took the BCM out of the equation a year ago, that's the only code that comes up when checked with a...
    • Scalpel
      TRANSMISSION TUNING Black Bear Performance could not tune the BCM. Finally had to come to terms with the fact that we were not going to get the features we wanted from it. Did a little more reading and discovered Jim Miller at Zero Gravity...
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    • Scalpel
      TUNING We're closing in on the end. Let me talk a little about programming as this was an area I knew nothing about. A friend had recommended Black Bear Performance. I looked into them a little and it seemed to fit the bill. The way they...
    • Scalpel
      BUMP STOPS My front bump stops have 2” extensions that came with the Slee lift kit. The driver’s side was fine when fully compressed. I had to lengthen the bump stop 2 ½” on the passenger side. Ugh. There was simply no way around it. The first...
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    • Scalpel
      A few more pictures of the exhaust. Posted pics seemed to be more helpful to me than narrative when I put it together. Over the rear axle. Hard to tell from this picture but I should have known better than to run it right over when there...
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    • Scalpel
      EXHAUST It was just too narrow to get 3” exhaust tubing with reducers next to the engine / transmission. This problem was solved by running 2 ¼ pipe from the manifold flanges through the first bend. This ended up being about 12” on each side...
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    • Scalpel
      AIR CONDITIONING Low Side: The c-loop of the Toyota line that is against the firewall will not fit (interferes with PS head). The c-loop was removed at the next junction. That then bolted into the female firewall fitting. This left a short...
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    • Scalpel
      Lines were bent in parallel over the front pumpkin and to the front DS corner. They were anchored at the PS to the crossmember tube between the front frame rails. The first pic below is looking rearward. You can see the lines going up and over...
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    • Scalpel
      TRANSMISSION COOLER LINES Been a while, but I believe when I disassembled it, we discovered that Toyota had run ATF not only through their ATF cooler but also a portion of the radiator. I decided to retain the LC cooler but did not run ATF...
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    • Scalpel
      OIL LEVEL SENSOR Both the 1FZFE and the L92 have a float in the oil pan the turns an idiot light on when the level gets too low. I figured I'd retain this feature. Both sensors are looking for a ground to activate the idiot light. I simply...
    • Scalpel
      Not sure. You'd still be drilling new holes in the crossmember to move it sideways. I think you have to cut some off the output shaft of a 6l90 to get it to fit Mark's adapter.
    • Scalpel
      GEAR RANGE SELECTOR There isn't provision in the 6l80e to send any signal to the dash to illuminate the shift lever position. There also isn't provision to light up the reverse lights. Guys have wrestled with this problem when doing this swap...
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    • Scalpel
      I don't think mine has ever locked up. At first i thought it was broken and replaced the original (used from junkyard) with a new one. Then discovered it's supposed to lock at about 220 or 230 degrees (Can't remember the exact number) I've never...
    • Scalpel
      Next was to build an air intake box. Made sure the hood was able to be opened / closed so I wouldn’t have to worry about clearance (might sound silly until you see how close it is to the side of the hood). Also had to take into account the PS...
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    • Scalpel
      AIR INTAKE The reason many go with electric fans is because it's pretty tough to work around the fan when setting up the air intake. There just isn't a lot of room. Ordered a piece of 4” aluminum pipe with a 120 degree bend. Another problem to...
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    • Scalpel
      I decided to go with a fan clutch that had a little longer shaft as this would give me more room to deal with the intake. I bought a new fan clutch for a 2015 Sierra 2500 6.0L. It’s a little heavier duty and has a longer shaft. Next was the...
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    • Scalpel
      COOLING SYSTEM As previously mentioned, I had read a few posts in which folks that went with electric fans struggled with overheating issues. I figured it would be nearly impossible to retrofit a mechanical fan so I decided this was the time to...
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    • Scalpel
      POWER STEERING LINES This was pretty simple. I bent the hard portion of the lines to accommodate the swap and they were marked to be cut and crimped. I did not have to buy any additional hose. Took them to a local shop that builds hydraulic...
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