3rd member

  1. Dumpolina

    Needed- Good 4.10 8” third member

    ’cause this happened last week. Anyone in Alb Los Lunas Santa Fe area have one? Must be 4.10 $100
  2. TLink FJ60

    Wanted 3.70 Front and Rear diff / 3rd members (in TN)

    I'm wanting to replace my HJ61 4.10 differentials with 3.70s. Anybody have some spares sitting around?
  3. TLink FJ60

    Help with 3rd member/diff condition

    As part of an effort to make my daily driver HJ61, 12-HT, H55F cruiser more comfortably at highway speeds and suitable for long interstate drives, I am replacing the stock 4.10 gears with 3.70 gears. I bought complete axles out of an FJ60 for $400. Apparently the axles had been sitting on the...
  4. 88red

    Wanted 3rd member 4.11 for fj62

    Found one.
  5. TLink FJ60

    Remove 3rd member with Drums still on?

    I acquired a set of FJ60 axles that have been sitting on the ground unused for a long time (years?). I want the 3rd members out of them for different gearing, but don't care about much else. The drums on the rear axle are super seized. The adjuster is seized. My question is, before going to...
  6. 1

    3rd Member

    1. I need to have the rear 3rd member repaired on my 79 FJ40 (3.7 ratio). Can I safely tow the chassis with the rear end on the ground with the 3rd member removed or will the axles come out of the tube? 2. Can anyone recommend a shop I can ship the 3rd member to for repair? The more...
  7. dylanray

    FJ40 3rd member in FJ60 housing

    I have a 1970 FJ40 with stock axles except for a lock-rite in the rear. I spotted a good deal on a pair of axles out of a 1986 FJ60 and was wondering if these would be good candidates for doing a spring over? I have read that they gear ratio is higher in the FJ60 so I was curious if my 3rd...
  8. N

    For Sale 93-97 Fj80 rear E-locker 3rd member 550.00 Ky.

    Looking to sell a rear fj80 e-locker with factory 411 gears. Decided to go ARB's with my project. I don't know how to post picks but can text pictures if needed. Price is 500.00 Cant edit the post title.
  9. 71FJ40

    Trade 5.29 3rd member - full detroit locker

    FJ40 Anyone interested in trading your open 5.29 third (plus a little $$$ or parts) for this full detroit locked third Preferably here in colorado as shipping would be crazy $$$ This is for the rear
  10. HausePhoto

    Wanted 1st Gen 4Runner/2nd Gen Pickup 3rd member

    Looking for a rear 3rd member for my 89 4Runner. Seals/bearings etc. must be in good shape. Preferably within a day's drive of Jackson, MS
  11. txlonghorn

    For Sale 80 series rear E locker differential - SOLD

    SOLD! Pulled off of a locked 1993 Land Cruiser. Complete rear locking differential including 3rd member, actuator and cover, and wiring from actuator to rear cargo area (NOT COMPLETE HARNESS FROM FRONT). Gearing is presumably stock 4.10 and ring and pinion looks good. Actuator is working when...
  12. justdifferentials

    For Sale Built 3rd Members, Front and Rear 5.29 Ratio, ARB Air Lockers, 91-97 Land Cruiser 70, 80 Series

    I've got 2 3rd members that were built for a customer that went another direction, these are typically custom built per order. -Front and Rear will fit: -91-97 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80 FZJ80 HDJ80 HZJ80 -91-97 Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ70 HZJ71 HZJ73 HZJ75 FJ73 FJ75 PZJ70 PZJ73 Front: -Complete 8"...
  13. Borrego

    FJ40 Diff Swap Front to back?

    I've searched but can't find a solid answer... If this has been covered please point me in the right direction... I have a 71 and the rear diff is welded. (bought this way). I drive it 75% on road, and 25% on logging roads. It works great, but I'm tired of the squealing and tough to turn corners...
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