1. suprarx7nut

    3D Printed Key Fob Shells - Trapezoid Two-Button

    Hey all you hardcore 80 series folks! I made a key fob for the 100 series remote. I have had dozens of requests to make a shell for the 80 series as well. I have one style complete and ready for orders - the Two Button "Trapezoid" style. If you have another style remote and would want one of...
  2. Bluegrass40

    3D Model of Toyota Emblem?

    Does anyone have a 3D model of the Toyota grill emblem (or any of the other badges)? I am going to CNC a new one for my grill. I will generate the model myself if needed, but figured someone may have already gone through the trouble. Thx!
  3. Rea1994

    3D Printed Parts

    Hey everyone, I just received my 3D printer that I ordered a year and a half ago and wanted to know if anyone had any ideas on stuff that can be printed for the Land Cruiser. The printer also has a scanner, so I can scan in parts, but I'm still not sure how to properly use it. So what would be...
  4. S

    3d model

    Hello, I want to start a complete rebuild of an HDJ80. Does anybody have a 3d scan/model from the HDJ80 chassis? Even better when engine is included in the drawing! Best regards Sjoerd
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