1. K

    HELP!! 12HT into HJ60 2H Chassis mounting

    Currently in the process of planting my 12ht from an 1988 HJ61 into a 1988 HJ60 Chassis that had a 2H in it. The mounts on the engine block are at a far steeper angle to the mounts located on the chassis. They line up okay, but when we tighten them down they stretch the rubber mounts out... the...
  2. B

    Blown Head Gasket on 2H engine, HELP!

    My HJ60 has been my daily driver for 8 years, now it needs a rebuild, (Blue smoke machine out the back). my problem is I am largely priced out of the diesel land cruiser platform, Breaks my heart to say it but doing all the things a have planned over the years now seems unlikely. (12HT)...
  3. Big Daddy 69

    Highest low down Torque

    G’day, I was wondering which engine out of the H, 2H and 12HT has the highest amount of torque at low revolutions? Thank you for your help!
  4. 1

    please help me identify my gearbox

    Greetings, I bought this gearbox from a local scrapyard along with the whole drivetrain, I need help to identify what gearbox and transfer case this is. Here is what i know. It was mated to a Toyota 2h engine. Looking forward to some help regards -nikunj
  5. Dizerucruiser

    For Sale  SoCal: 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ60

    I have an 89’ Land Cruiser RHD with a 2H Diesel Motor and 5 speed H55F transmission for sale. It was legally registered in California and went through lab testing and emissions modification to get certified. It is now smog exempt in California and would be a perfect truck to modify. Has roughly...
  6. Keekz

    Starter motor conversion

    Hey. Newbie here I have an 83 HJ47 and Ive gone and bought a new starter motor for her. Which means the external relay is surplus to requirements. Is it an easy by pass for the wiring or should I take her into an auto sparky? Having no success with trying to find answers to this one. I...
  7. 75rig

    H150F or H151F into 2h or 12ht

    Has anyone done this conversion? Does toyota have a bellhousing that will fit the 2h block from the h150 or h151f? The old h55f just isnt up to scratch, never has been. Looking for a better box for a custom 75 series build. Thanks
  8. 75rig

    H150f or H151f into a 2h or 12ht

    Has anyone done this conversion? Does toyota have a bellhousing that will fit the 2h block from the h150 or h151f? The old h55f just isnt up to scratch, never has been. Looking for a better box for a custom 75 series build.
  9. HJ60AUS

    Oil Leak from front of 2H PS ?

    Hi, I am new to the cruiser world and have had my HJ60/2H for 3 months now. We have an oil leak in the front and have replaced the oil pan seal and timing cover. There is still a small leak which appears to be coming from the Power Steering unit. I cant see where they actually take oil (if...
  10. L

    2H stalling when overheating and engaging clutch

    Hi guys, First post here. Have looked and looked but can't find my answer. I have a 82 HJ60 with a diesel 2H in it. It's overheating slightly - working on that - have bought a new radiator, just trying to find time to install it. But, when it's hot, and I've been driving a while - highway for...
  11. L

    24v hj60 glow plug current sensor exploded

    I know there are tons of glowplug issues posts but could not find anything close to what happen to me. Truck hasn't run for 2 months, had fuel issues which I think I fixed. But while it's been sitting I've been cleaning/replacing all the wire connectors through out engine bay. I've had a glow...
  12. Cliffordeli

    For Sale  Hj60 Mt.Green, Ut $9800

    1983 Toyota 4wd Land Cruiser HJ60. Has the original 6 cylinder 4Liter DIESEL engine and original 5 SPEED transmission. (Both fairly rare to find especially together) It runs and drives very well. It has no leaks. The four wheel drive works great (locking hubs). All doors and windows work fine...
  13. M

    SOLD  2h engine swap parts

    i dismantled an hj60 a few months ago. i saved the engine with the thought of rebuilding it and swapping it out with my old and tired 2h in my running 60. but some stuff came up and had to sell the car. so what i have off the top of my head is 2h h55f bell housing clutch and flywheel all the...
  14. Sweatyforehead

    2H Camshaft

    Hi guys! Its been a while since I did any posting on here. So here is a quick update. I have a class project to rebuild my tired 2H. I tore the engine apart last summer and brought my camshaft over to vancouver to measure the camshaft lobes and found that they were all worn out from the...
  15. justdifferentials

    For Sale  1HD-FT Stock Turbo

    Upgraded to aftermarket turbo when doing the motor swap on my HJ75. 1HD-FT Used OEM Turbo, This turbo was in good condition, but not sure on exact mileage. $350
  16. M

    SOLD  1987 HJ60 2H diesel

    PRICE 16,500 obo LOCATED Torrance, CA I have a clean all original Canadian '87 toyota hj 60 with the 2H and automatic transmission. it has a roughly 4 inch lift, still spring under, unknown make but a good kit has castor correction shims and heavies in the back. I bought it a little over a...
  17. J

    identification by engine number 2H

    Hello Folks, I have a very similar problem as described in 2H-engine number / building year unfortunately the thread wasn't really helpful enough to see what that means for my engine. Also for me, I have an Engine that was put into a different body.. In my case a 2H engine is sitting in a...
  18. fantoyota

    Wanted  Frame weld on engine mount 2h hj60

    Hi everybody, I'm new to this forum and i just bought a fj60 converted to 2h, but the engine mount that are welded to the frame are not from a hj60 and it is poorly made.... I would like to know if one of you have or can cut and sell engine mount (bracket welded to the frame) from a hj60 with a...
  19. M

    For Sale  2h engine block

    i have a 2h engine out of a wreaked jdm 60 that i dismantled just for the ac parts. The engine itself is missing the injection pump, and the lines to the injectors have been cut with a sawsall. the odometer has about 300k kilometers on it when i pulled it, the story was it was stolen and rolled...
  20. Willis

    Builds  A Trakka Troopy Revival

    I've been dreaming far too long about getting a 70 series. I finally decided to stop wishing and sold all my projects I didn't truly love for one that I really did. After @6070toyetero texted me(by accident he claims) about a Trakka converted Troopy he had found, I made moves to sell my FJ62...
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