1. L

    2H stalling when overheating and engaging clutch

    Hi guys, First post here. Have looked and looked but can't find my answer. I have a 82 HJ60 with a diesel 2H in it. It's overheating slightly - working on that - have bought a new radiator, just trying to find time to install it. But, when it's hot, and I've been driving a while - highway for...
  2. L

    24v hj60 glow plug current sensor exploded

    I know there are tons of glowplug issues posts but could not find anything close to what happen to me. Truck hasn't run for 2 months, had fuel issues which I think I fixed. But while it's been sitting I've been cleaning/replacing all the wire connectors through out engine bay. I've had a glow...
  3. Cliffordeli

    For Sale Hj60 Mt.Green, Ut $9800

    1983 Toyota 4wd Land Cruiser HJ60. Has the original 6 cylinder 4Liter DIESEL engine and original 5 SPEED transmission. (Both fairly rare to find especially together) It runs and drives very well. It has no leaks. The four wheel drive works great (locking hubs). All doors and windows work fine...
  4. M

    SOLD 2h engine swap parts

    i dismantled an hj60 a few months ago. i saved the engine with the thought of rebuilding it and swapping it out with my old and tired 2h in my running 60. but some stuff came up and had to sell the car. so what i have off the top of my head is 2h h55f bell housing clutch and flywheel all the...
  5. Sweatyforehead

    2H Camshaft

    Hi guys! Its been a while since I did any posting on here. So here is a quick update. I have a class project to rebuild my tired 2H. I tore the engine apart last summer and brought my camshaft over to vancouver to measure the camshaft lobes and found that they were all worn out from the...
  6. justdifferentials

    For Sale 1HD-FT Stock Turbo

    Upgraded to aftermarket turbo when doing the motor swap on my HJ75. 1HD-FT Used OEM Turbo, This turbo was in good condition, but not sure on exact mileage. $350
  7. M

    SOLD 1987 HJ60 2H diesel

    PRICE 16,500 obo LOCATED Torrance, CA I have a clean all original Canadian '87 toyota hj 60 with the 2H and automatic transmission. it has a roughly 4 inch lift, still spring under, unknown make but a good kit has castor correction shims and heavies in the back. I bought it a little over a...
  8. J

    identification by engine number 2H

    Hello Folks, I have a very similar problem as described in 2H-engine number / building year unfortunately the thread wasn't really helpful enough to see what that means for my engine. Also for me, I have an Engine that was put into a different body.. In my case a 2H engine is sitting in a...
  9. F

    Wanted Frame weld on engine mount 2h hj60

    Hi everybody, I'm new to this forum and i just bought a fj60 converted to 2h, but the engine mount that are welded to the frame are not from a hj60 and it is poorly made.... I would like to know if one of you have or can cut and sell engine mount (bracket welded to the frame) from a hj60 with a...
  10. M

    For Sale 2h engine block

    i have a 2h engine out of a wreaked jdm 60 that i dismantled just for the ac parts. The engine itself is missing the injection pump, and the lines to the injectors have been cut with a sawsall. the odometer has about 300k kilometers on it when i pulled it, the story was it was stolen and rolled...
  11. Willis

    Builds A Trakka Troopy Revival

    After dreaming for far too long about getting a 70 series, I finally decided to stop wishing and sold all my projects I didn't truly love for one that I really did. After @6070toyetero texted me(by accident he claims) about a Trakka converted Troopy he had found, I made moves to sell my FJ62...
  12. R

    2H Turbo Question.

    Hello all. I have a 1984 HJ47 with the 2H, and am considering the pros and cons of adding a turbo. This truck climbs like a Mountain Goat off road, but struggles up grades at highway speeds. All the discussions seem to focus on whether or not the 2H is capable of handling the boost. I think...
  13. K

    Safari Turbo

    Hi everyone I am looking at a 1985 automatic diesel 2H, it has a Safari turbo. Anyone had much to do with these? The Safari website does not have any info on them anymore(too old probably),and I have done some searching. The current owner has had it for 17+ years and is a mechanic and said...
  14. M

    Identifying 2H engine

    Howdy, please see the attached pics below. The seller says it's a 2H from a 1980. Need expert's opinion here to confirm if it is indeed a 2H from 1980. Greatly appreciate in advance.
  15. jaybird72

    2H Timing Diesel Tech in SoCal

    So, my injector pump was apparently in need of a rebuild so instead sourced an allegedly working pump from Canada. My mechanic (not a diesel expert) said he could put it in and he did. It is smoking a ton and is not running well. He claims the pump is bad but I have reason to believe that it...
  16. FJ404345

    HJ60, 1989 2H 5 speed

    Out of the EU I got offered a HJ61, 1989, 2H diesel, 5 speed, 165K miles, LHD, PTO Winch with chrome extended bumper, 1 owner, very very good original condition As I am not familiar with the 60 series and Toyota diesels and it's not a turbo, I also wouldn't want to change the originality of the...
  17. 40Flipper

    2H alternator Hookup dumb question

    Replaced the head and a ton of other stuff on my 1980 HJ47. I bought a new Bosch alternator. The old alternator had this same green wire plug coming off of it. I unplugged the old one 5 months ago. Bought this new one which is exactly the same. The black female clip doesn't fit. The prongs...
  18. B

    HJ60 2h doesn't shut down

    Hi all, The 60 doesn't shut down when I turn the ignition off.. engine keeps running and the electrics stay on. I've asked around and had a search in here but have zero success in working out what the problem is. Currently I'm putting in 4th and stalling it or hitting the shutoff on the engine...
  19. M

    Aus HJ60 2H

    Bought the bus last year - dereg QLD plates, not starting.
  20. Mich

    Afterglow not working on 2H 24V

    Patient is a Canadian spec 1986 HJ60. Very stock. Starts fine, even when cold. But after about 20s to 30s (depending on temperature) the first glow plug heat cycle is over (relay #1 shuts off and voltage to glow plug rail drops to 0V). Engine shakes and smokes bad until it warms up (takes a...
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