1. Btron

    Wanted  100 Series,Slee 2.5''lift kit medium or comparable considerd.

    Hey Mudders, I am looking for a Used Slee Lift Kit for a 100 series. Just the Old Man Emu. I don't need the full kit but that would be great. The less I have to buy new the better. I am trying to building mine up on a budget. I need to replace my original shocks now at 220,xxx miles and I...
  2. OffRoadScott

    Electrical issues

    Recently I have noticed that my battery gauge and the PWR light blink when I am sitting at a light using my turn signals. Could it be the battery or is the alternator going on me?
  3. A

    Shock Length and Lift Spacers

    Hey guys. Currently running OME 2.5" springs with Fox IFP for a 1.5-2.5" lift. I am currently on some pretty bald 315/75r16 Duratracs that I basically just wanted to try out although I have a set of pretty fresh 285/75r16 Duratracs in my garage. I am contemplating a couple different setups...
  4. cc93cruiser

    Wanted  2.5" FJ40 Rear shackles

    As title states looking for a tiny bit more lift for rear on 1971 40.. Looking for rear only 2.5" shackles...Thanks
  5. LCFJ80inLA

    Wanted  2.5" used or new ome or other lift

    Been striking out but still have faith in my mudders!!!! Looking for a lightly used or very nicely priced new kit for 80 series. So springs, coils preferred. Together or seperate. Eyeing the 851/860 Please help get Bertha off the ground Located in Valencia, CA
  6. E

    For Sale  OME 2.5" springs, shocks, and MAF 30mm front spacers - 80 series

    SOLD These are the 851 front and 860 rears (mediums IIRC), plus the OME shocks that came with them. Throwing in MAF 30mm front spacers. This setup gave me a perfectly level 2.5" all the way around, with my ARB front bumper (no winch). I upgraded to a higher lift and rear bumper, so this...
  7. M

    Bilstein & Eibach vs. OME 2.5"

    Looking for approximately 2.5 inches of lift for mostly city driving with a couple trips a year down to Moab. Originally planing on going for the Old Man Emu 2.5 inch kit but the further I dig in the more concern I have about the quality of the dampers. Not ragging on them by any means but...
  8. M

    OME 2.5" with 315/60s?

    Airbags are struggling and it's finally time to replace the system with coils. Any reason not to go with the OME 2.5" kit vs other options? Seems Rocky-Road feels that UCA's aren't necessary with this setup. Turns out they're local (Utah) which is great but looks like I'll have to pay sales...
  9. ZRotheohv

    Caster Correction for a 2.5" Lift

    I've been reading all of the pro's and con's of correcting caster with bushings, drop brackets, and plates, and I think for my mild lift (2.5" OME) I'd be better off with the drop brackets in the long run. I'd really like to run plates, but it seems like they're all designed for 4"+ of lift and...
  10. Pmoney

    Fj80 2.5" ome lift heavy

    I am new to this site and was wonder if the OME 2.5 lift (heavy) is a straight forward swap ? I have a factory grill guard but am planning on building a steel just wondering if it will be super squirrelly without the Wright I will be running 305/70/16s thank you for any help
  11. ElJayBird

    A Couple Nagging Issues Following OME 2.5" Lift Install

    I'm having some alignment issues following my OME install. The truck still pulls to the right even after an alignment. It's not terrible but it's definitely noticeable at highway speeds. If I take my hands off the wheel, I'll be in the next lane within a second or two. I took it back to the shop...
  12. D

    From OME 2.5" to OEM + Spacers - best solution for DD?

    I purchased a 03 LX 470 a couple months back to be my DD. One of the items pointed out when I had my mechanic take a look at it was the leaking shocks and likely issues with the AHC system, so I went into knowing I would need to do something about the suspension/shocks/tires. In light of...
  13. Mountain Pig

    Will the AHC on a 470 compete with a 2.5" OME lift?

    (Disclaimer- I'm sure this has been brought up a zillion times, but yes, I did search before asking) I'd planned on finding a LC and adding OME 2.5" heavy bars/springs front and rear. However, I just ran across a LX470 with AHC that's retired doctor owned and minty fresh. It's got some...
  14. gstovall18

    GX470 - OME lift, wheels and tires

    Hi y’all, I used this site a lot when I was deciding what to do and how to do it to my GX470 so I figured I’d share my experience with everyone to make it easier for the next person. Thanks for all the folks that posted before! It helped a ton. Parts list · 2008 GX470 · 2.5”...
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