1. TheGrrrrr

    Builds  TheGrrrrr Build Thread - "Everlong" my 2013 LC

    Picked up the 2013 LC with 88k miles on Saturday. Its in pretty decent shape and should serve as a nice replacement for my 2006 Range Rover. The Rover affectionately named "Hank Tank" as I originally bought it to haul my dog around because he didn't fit in my M4. Wasn't going to give up the M...
  2. TheGrrrrr

    Joined the club...

    The build begins immediately...
  3. Nathan James

    Swap the radio from a 2013 to a 2011?

    I have a 2011 200 Series and I hate the current radio. It has the nav unit with bluetooth, DVD and reverse camera. The screen is too dim and the Bluetooth won't link to my iPhone X. The audio turns off when you put it in reverse. How stupid is that! There is no Aux port in my LC either so I'd...
  4. buck208

    For Sale  2013 4Runner Trail KDSS

    I am selling my 13 Trail. Have it posted on T4R.org. FS: 2013 4Runner Trail KDSS $33,800 GA - Toyota 4Runner Forum - Largest 4Runner Forum.
  5. Cruisin911

    2013 seats in a 2011?

    I am pretty certain these will bolt in no problem but wanted to verify. Coming from a 2013 200 series LC to a 2011 200 series LC. Thanks, Scott
  6. T

    2013 LC in Houston - Looked over?

    Has anyone by chance checked this one out this 2013 in the past. Interesting history on Carfax. Still trying to figure out why the Toyota dealer couldn't sell it, since Oct 2016, and sent it to the Ford dealer. Guessing rust after a stint in St. Thomas and Florida. But thought I'd ask...
  7. Suhaib

    Is it worth buying 2013 Lx570 instead of 2009 - 2011 model year

    I plan to upgrade to either lc 200 or lx 570. The price difference between 2013 and 2011(or 2010) model is significant. However, I dont see much difference in these two year except for minor exterior changes. I do like the tail lamp of 2011 over 2013 model year. I am wondering if it worth...
  8. L

    For Sale  2013 LC 72K miles (Exceptional Condition)

    SOLD!!!! Sale Pending... Asking $43,500 Link to Pictures: iCloud Photo Sharing I'm happy to videochat to aid in a walk through of the vehicle at anytime. I've included a few pictures but happy to send more upon request. This extremely well maintained vehicle has been treated as if we were...
  9. J

    For Sale  San Antonio 2013 lc

    Has anyone stopped to see 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser 4X4 | San Antonio Texas 78217 one? Looks like there were a few records then nothing for a big gap in its history.
  10. Tom B

    For Sale  2013 Land Cruiser, 35's, ARB, Ext Toyota Warranty, Pearl White

    Sale pending... I have been a Land Cruiser enthusiast for 10 plus years now. However as much as I love the 200, I've decided that a Tundra is a better fit for my hobbies right now. Details about my 2013 Pearl White 200 located in Fort Collins Colorado (about an hour north of Denver). VIN...
  11. snr

    For Sale  5 OEM Rims from 2013 LC

    I am selling the 5 original rims from my 2013 LC. They have normal wear/scratches but nothing major. I would like to get $150 (not including shipping) a rim and sell all 5 together ($750 total). I am willing to ship and included photos of the packing the rims will come in. I am located in...
  12. A

    For Sale  18" OEM wheels from 2013 LC with 275/70/18 BFG KO2's

    I just installed new wheels and tires, and have no need for an extra set. I am willing to separate the wheels and tires, but would prefer to sell the wheels as a set and the tires as a set. I will post up some pics in the next day or so. The tires have about 12k miles on them and were rotated...
  13. z0lt3c

    For Sale  2013 LC 77K miles White/Black NJ

    This is a feeler... Considering moving on from the LC. It's a great vehicle, but I just don't find the front seats very comfortable. I got my eye on a BMW X5M. Purchased pre-owned from my local Toyota dealer, it's carries a certified warranty and presently has around 77K miles. Classic...
  14. 97 40th

    Wanted  2013 Silver with Tan Interior

    May I want to spend around $40k. Thanks in advance!
  15. C

    2013 Land Cruiser Multimedia/Radio Unit

    Hi does anyone have any suggestions on replacing the factory multimedia unit (head unit) with another unit? My satelite radio portion is not working, but I don't want to just plug in an XM radio to the aux port. I inquired about Toyota replacing it and its a cool $2k to replace. Problem is with...
  16. marketShark

    Wanted  2013 LC (TX)

    PURCHASED A 200 FROM A MUD MEMBER! THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP Like me, most of you probably spend a few minutes a day/ week searching for a Clean, Southern US, 200 online. I have spent the last few months doing the same after selling my truck in Nov 2016. I thought I could do this myself, but...
  17. C

    For Sale  2013 Land Cruiser

    $46,500 94,000 miles - western North Carolina Great car...fully loaded. Has only been serviced at Toyota dealership, absolutely no problems. Third row seats unused-have them in storage, perfect conditon. Weather tech mats. Minor rear bumper repair needed. Quick and cheap fix.
  18. R

    For Sale  Clean 2013

    Not mine, but thought I would share one I saw on our local classified listings here in Utah.looks super clean for anyone looking for one. 95,000 miles he is asking 41,900 not sure on the price or anything but man pictures sure look clean.... 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser on KSL.com
  19. R

    For Sale  2013 Tacoma DCLB expedition ready

    2013 DOUBLE CAB LONG BED (LIMITED EDITION) ***Pink slip In hand*** Registered until 8/17. I will smog before sale. Current mileage: 53k Engine: V6 4.0L Oil changes every 5K with Toyota 5w20 and Toyota filters AEM Dryflow Air Filter Transmission: 5 speed automatic Has factory tow package...
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