1. -uhuru-

    VDJ-200 Oil Specification 1VD-FTV

    The options for full synthetic in the recommended weight by Toyota are limited in my country. I did find one by Repsol but have noticed an increased oil consumption over my previous oil which was conventional 15W-40. Repsol 50501 TDI 5W40 is the name. I am looking to extend the service...
  2. texfredbastiat

    FZJ80 V8 plus 5 spd conversion, with dual case?

    disclaimer - i have read dozens and dozens of threads on these topics, but still havent quite found the answer. thanks to Beno, 70's guy, toolsrus, tor, romer, and many more for lots of ideas, info and knowledge. BLUF: i am wanting to pursue a v8 conversion with 5 speed manual transmission, as...
  3. I

    PTO for a VDJ79?

    I'm looking for a PTO solution for a new VDJ-79 that I will purchase. The new 79 platform and the 1VD-FTV engines are non-negotiable for my application. Anyone know what options are available? So far I'm finding nothing with regards to a PTO.
  4. MonCruiser

    1VD-FTV swap into 1HZ

    I really like the 76 . Everything about it. I think about it , i dream about it and i spend days and nights just planning what i would do when i get my hands on one again. Even though i was over the moon when i owned it. It had some shortcomings that i would like to address when i get my next...
  5. C

    79 Serieis with 1VD-FTV Reliability?

    Hi Guys I im looking at buying a 79 Dual Cab with the 1VD-FTV engine and wanted to know if they are having any issues in terms of reliability? I have the choice of going for the 1HZ or 1VD-FTV (V8) and leaning towards the latter due to performance benefits. Thanks
  6. N

    1vdftv full engine and trans harness and ecu.

    Hi all, I am in USA and I have a 1VD-FTV twin turbo from a 2013 200 series. I need the following Full engine harness and ECU Full trans harness and ECU Injector drivers Glow plug relays Underhood fuse box Under dash fuse box Full immobiliser kit (with original transponder) I posted this in...
  7. Sporty Forty

    Quad Cab - 4 door coil sprung shortened troopy/extended swb build

    Hi all, Starting to do a 4 door troopy type of thing. Aquala call them quad cab, so I will call it the same. I like the look of their one so heading towards that look, but being in Australia it's price prohibitive to ship that body here otherwise I would. Started off with a 1984 FJ45 ute in...
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